The Future Is Here: How Led Lights Revolutionized Indoor Gardening

Whether you are an indoor gardener, or just someone interested in this field, you would have definitely heard about LED grow lights. Chances are that you are already using LED grow lights or have considered using them. Whatever the case, LED grow lights are a hot topic in the world of indoor gardening.

When LED lights were introduced in the market, many people were skeptical about how effective these lights were. The problem wasn’t with the mechanism of the lights but people were not sure as to how LED lights would work in terms of growing different kinds of plants and whether they would stand a chance against HID and HPS lights that were at the top of their game. However within a very short span of time, these lights proved their worth and are now currently one of the most sought after grow lights.

So what makes LED lights so special? Well to start off, LED lights define the future of indoor gardening. Top quality lights can provide an excellent yield and can be customized to make any plant grow. Considering how challenging indoor gardening can be, LEDs can grow even the pickiest of plants and ensure maximum plant growth. LED lights such G8 lights by Dorm grow have made indoor gardening so easy that even those who are new to this field can benefit greatly from them.

The Future Is Here: How Led Lights Revolutionized Indoor Gardening

Here are some reasons why LED lights have gained so much popularity in such a short time:

  1. They are eco-friendly

In today’s world, everything that we practically use must be evaluated on its impact on the environment. The biggest concern surrounding HID lights such as metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lights and neon bulbs is that they have a negative effect on the environment. First of all these lights consume a lot of energy. Secondly, they release an extremely hazardous chemical into the environment. Many of these lights release toxic chemicals such as mercury into the air. On the contrary, LED lights consume very little energy and one unit of these lights can last for many years. They also do not release any potent chemical in the air. That is why LED lights are particularly favored by the environmentalists.

  1. They do not damage the plants

There is no denying the fact that HID lights and other high intensity lights effectively mimic the natural sunlight and grow plants on a large scale. They also give a very good yield because of which they are still around. However, if not used correctly, these lights can destroy your entire yield. The reason for that is the immense heat these lights produce. In order to make them work, you need to have heat controlling system installed in your grow room. Otherwise they will dehydrate the plants and damage their enzymes. LED lights produce very little heat, making them extremely safe for the plants.

  1. They are customizable:

In a synthetic environment, recreating the effect of the natural sunlight is very tricky. High intensity lights provide a full spectrum light hence making plants respond to them like they would to natural lights. But, since plants are not in their natural habitat, they sometimes fail to respond to the light. The best feature of LED lights is that their spectrum can be adjusted according to the current need of the plants. The manipulation of light spectrum allows you to grow stronger and healthier plants.

The futuristic features of LED lights make them the next gen lights that have revolutionized the world of indoor gardening.

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