The Dirtiest Place In Home

We have written many articles to help you best clean the bathroom, kitchen or living room, where many dirt and bacteria usually collect. Everybody is aware that the toilet and the area around it, the keyboard and mouse have many germs. Less known is the fact that the kitchen cutting boards and door locks also have dangerous bacteria. We have prepared for you some good tips and ideas coming from the professional carpet cleaners in Whitechapel to help you identify the areas of your home that get polluted more often and need regular cleaning.

The Dirtiest Place In Home

Which is the Dirtiest Area in Home?

Many surveys and studies indicate that the most polluted place in the house are the blinds. They absorb much dirt and dust and need to get cleaned regularly. They are rarely cleaned, while dust and dirt particles collect daily. Additionally around the blinds you need to take care of the windows and the draperies.

Obviously the toilet is not the dirtiest place in the home, and even it is one of the cleanest areas. This is true because everyone knows that this area is dirty and we intensively clean it with special detergents.

Plants and flowers at home are also covered with dust and health hazard if not maintained properly. We all think that the plants bring fresh atmosphere to the room, but to keep it that way, you need to remove regularly the dust from the leaves and clean the pots.

Wallet and credit cards are probably some of the dirtiest items that we use every day. As you cannot keep them perfectly clean, we would recommend you to thoroughly wash your hands after every use of those items. At the end of the day you may disinfect the credit cards with some alcohol.

The most dangerous items in the bathroom are the toothbrushes, as anything would pollute them. Toothbrushes should be changed once every month to ensure maximum protection and reliable and high quality teeth cleaning.

As most of the dirt and germs are coming from the front door, the welcoming mat is also one of the dirtiest places in your home. You need to make sure you vacuum it regularly. You need to vacuum it every week when you clean the carpeting at home. Always vacuum the back side of the mat, as much of the dirt is trapped deeper into the fibres. You may also use professional cleaning services at least once a year, when you treat the furniture upholstery and the carpets in your home.

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