The Common Mistakes People make when Using LED Grow Lights

Grow light is an artificial source of light, generally an electric light which is designed to enhance the growth of plants by emitting light appropriate for photosynthesis. Grow lights are basically used in areas where there is no naturally occurring light or where supplemental light is required.

Even though the LED grow lights are efficient for the growth of plants, they can be harmful to the plants if not used correctly. This article talks about some of the mistakes that you should avoid so that you can grow healthy looking plants.

Here are those common mistakes that you should avoid when using LED grow lights.

Providing insufficient lights

It is very crucial that you take into account the scale of your operations. You should know the number of plants you are growing and the number of LED lights that you will need to illuminate them properly. Another thing that you should consider is the luminosity of the lights that you are using. For instance, a 200W LED light is sufficient for a yield of about 100 grams. You should also ensure that you have adequate lamps but still balance between providing enough lighting and not overdoing it.

Overheating the plants

When a plant takes too much heat, the leaves will start turning brownish, especially those that are closest to the light. The first signs include thin outlines on the outside of the leaves. If you notice this early enough, you can easily avoid further damage. Another sign that shows that the plant is too close to the light is when some of the leaves start curling up. You can address these issues by providing the plants with adequate ventilation.

Setting the lamps at an improper distance

Insufficient lighting or overheating can be because of having too many or not enough lights. It can also be as a result of placing the lights too close or too far from the plants. It is worth noting that there is no universal rule when it comes to setting the lamps distance, but the recommended distance that the LEDs are placed should be 12 to 18 inches away from the plants.

Selecting the wrong light spectrum

Plants need different types of light to grow efficiently in each growth stage. The full-spectrum LED lights can make you achieve this. But if you choose the wrong setting, the plant will not grow well.You should also consider the conditions in the room where your plants are growing. This is because plants tend to benefit more from light in the blue spectrum when they are in the vegetative stage of growth. So if you set it to produce light in the red spectrum, you will be hindering the plant’s growth.

Using the wrong light schedule

You should remember not to leave the lights on or forget to turn them on. This might sound silly but you can easily mess up the light schedule, and these minor changes can have a significant negative impact on the plant’s growth.

Not maintaining the LED lights

The LED lights are equally a significant investment, and so it is crucial that you take good care of them. The lights are essential for the growth of the plants and a little maintenance can

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