The Awesome Health Benefits Of Electric Cycling

Cycling has become a popular way for many people to exercise and get out into the great outdoors. In fact, many people now cycle to their place of work, saving on carbon emissions and money and getting a great workout. Of course, we all know the benefits of regular exercise, but how many of us actually get out and do it? How many of us have bicycles sitting in our garages gathering dust and cobwebs?

As much as we understand that an activity like cycling will decrease our stress levels, increase our core strength, improve our fitness, and help us to lose weight, the thought of getting out on the bike can send shivers up the spines of many people. Maybe you don’t live in a cycle-friendly area or you just can’t seem to get the motivation up to cycle up the nearest hill? The truth is that cycling is a wonderful exercise but can be pretty tough for beginners to get into because of the comprehensive body workout it provides.

A New Way to Cycle

For people who would like to cycle more but find it a real struggle, there is a great new alternative: electric bicycles. Imagine a regular bicycle, but with a small motor attached to it. This motor helps to power the wheels when switched on and can really make getting up that steep hill a much easier job. You can even get an electric mountain bike! Of course, the question for many people remains: why would you invest in an electric bicycle when you could just get a regular one?

  • Easier: The answer for many people is that using an electric bicycle is just plain easier. For those of us who are not quite as fit as we could be, hopping on a motor-powered bicycle is simply easier and more convenient. It also means that you can travel longer distances. If you normally ride to work, using the motor on your bike means that you won’t end up in the office all worn-out and sweaty.
  • Strength: Here’s an interesting fact: electric bikes are typically heavier than their traditional counterparts by a fair margin. This means that when you are not using the inbuilt motor, you are actually using your core muscles to steer it and balance. In fact, pedalling without the motor means that you are actually powering and moving a heavier vehicle. Unsurprisingly, this has some major strength conditioning benefits.
  • Carbon footprint: If you are the sort of person who has never considered riding a bike because of your fitness but would really like to save the environment from pollution, an electric bike may be for you. It provides easier travel due to the inbuilt motor but also emits much less carbon into the atmosphere than a car would.
  • Cheaper: Once more, if you normally drive a car but like the idea of saving money, an electric bike is a good idea. You’ll be able to take advantage of light motorised transport but will save a lot more money on fuel because you can pedal at least some of the distance.

Fun, Fitness, and a Low Carbon Footprint

Electric bicycling is becoming more popular as a good way for people to get into cycling. It provides numerous health benefits including improved core strength and fitness, and also emits a lot less carbon than cars.

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