The Amazing Spider Man 2 – A Walk Through

Are you one amongst the millions who are a crazy fan of the Spider Man? Though the movie is off the large screens, the brimming popularity for spider man has brought the game “the amazing spider man 2” to be touted as one of the most sought after games by adults and children both. The game is spreading like virus; in fact it seems to be that there is world war happening in all the smart phones. The entire game is indeed available for free and for only the unnecessary, flashy and time saving items the payment using real money is needed.

The events of The Amazing Spider man 2 Game are completely not based on the events of the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2. In fact it has a unique storyline where the player as Spiderman discovers a great threat posing at New York City that has impacted the underworld too. In the game Spiderman battles it out with the movie’s villains along with some classic Marvel characters. Thus a complete package that would deliver you a spine chilling fun gaming experience.

The Spiderman 2 game is an extension or a rightful persistence of the very first Spiderman game episode. In this game the self proclaimed enforcer of law and order faces his arch enemies again. The game has an interesting storyline and it offers an enjoyable simple open world combat system. There are many missions, sub missions and a lot of hidden elements that are set you thrill you through the game.

A Walkthrough of the Game from the Start to the Finish

The events of the game are set alongside the sequences involved in the movie Spiderman 2 where Spidey realizes that he is not the only one interested in tracking down the criminals who are menacing in Manhattan. The highlight of the game is that it provides you the opportunity to play Spiderman’s alter-ego Peter Parker and go about investigating the criminal’s motivations.

The game has many parts. The going gets tough as these stages progress. The first part is an extremely short mission where the player being Spiderman is acquainted with the storyline of the game. It acts like a guide to introduce the basic mechanics of the game to the player. The second part is where Spidey is set on a trail to catch hold of Uncle Ben’s murderer Herman Schultz. Here the player learns the basics of fighting the goons and defeating them.

Friends and Foes

The player gets a chance to get to know Kraven the Hunter from Peter’s viewpoint in the following parts. The player gets an opportunity to earn a new suit a suit as well. Unlike the movie’s plot, some of the legendary Marvel Spiderman comic villains are seen in the gameplay.

The game brilliantly shows off the relationship of Peter and Harry Osborn as well where their alter-egos battle it out while Harry and Peter still remain friends. The storyline is well knit around the Spiderman 2 theme where one can never really figure out their relationship.

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