Swimwear – How To Choose The Perfect One For You?

Selecting the right swimsuit can be a bit tricky. These days’ designer swimwear comes at a high price. Spending money for something that doesn’t suit you can spell disaster for your beach session. There are some points that can help you to buy the right swimwear from Proswimwear for yourself. We have summarized these basic points in this article. Hopefully, by keeping these points in mind, you will be able to make a wise choice and enjoy the beach season to its fullest.

Following points on selecting the right swimwear are based on different body types and not on the material or brand of the swimsuit.

  • One Piece Swimsuits

If you are someone who has a little weight on your stomach then one piece swimwear is your best option. One piece swimwear is excellent at hiding those love handles that you hate. The key is to choose a one piece swimwear that has shrilled panels. Make sure that it is of dark solid color as light colors can end up highlighting your tummy instead of hiding it.

  • Retro Styled Two Piece Swimwear

Do you remember Ursula Andrees coming out of the water in the 1962 James Bond movie, the swimsuit she was wearing is the definition of retro styling. Retro styled swimwear is high waisted compared to the modern two piece swimwear that are worn quite low on the waist line. Since retro styled swimwear are high waisted, they are also a good option for those who have some weight to hide. Go for solid colors and you will be amazed at how effectively they shape up your body and hide the chubbiness.

  • Tankini

Tankini is a modern swimwear. It looks great on women who have a thin waist. You will see most of the fashion models wearing this type of swimwear. It is especially a great choice for those women who have a petite figure. In other words if you have a thin waist but your bottom is not that heavy then this is the right choice for you as tankinis are designed to highlight the waist section.

  • Boyshorts

Don’t get confused by the name, there is nothing boyish in the boyshorts. Boyshorts are great for those women who have an hourglass figure with a heavy bottom. Boyshorts are designed in a way to make your hips look wider than they actually are. With the right fit, you will certainly make a lot of men drool at the beach.

  • Halter Top Swimwear

Just like the triangle tops, halter top swimwear are also designed to highlight your bust. Voluptuous women prefer halter top swimwear.

  • Tie Front Bikini Swimwear

If you are someone who has small breasts, then tie front bikini will be a good choice for you. Tie front bikini swimwear also focus on highlighting the bust but since they are tied in the front, they bring the breasts closer and effectively makes them look larger than they are. It is a good choice for thin women.

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