Super Bright Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight For Optimal Safety

The Super Bright 1W 2 LEDs Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight Bike Rainproof Tail Light Cycling Lamp is your perfect partner whenever you are out cycling in the dark. It is a must have without concern whether you bike everyday or just take out your bike occasionally. While these lights are essential in many jurisdictions, they are optional elsewhere. Your bike should also have one if you don’t want to take your safety as an option.

Main Features

The main features of the Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight are as following:

  • The super bright light runs on 2xAAA batteries
  • Install the light in the back vent/seat tube
  • Can be used even in rain because it is waterproof
  • Special design to make it safe to ride at night
  • Spreads bright light across 250-degree angle of wider visibility

Easy & Intuitive Installation

The Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight is easy to install. It offers visibility up to an impressive 1,500 feet. The quick-release system allows you to remove the light and carry it in your bag to prevent theft. It is compact in size and lightweight and doesn’t account much in terms of size. It can also be removed and attached to your gear bags.

Unique Design

The Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight features a unique design that enhances peripheral light, improving overall visibility. It has special flashing modes that help in alerting drivers.

The lights can run from 18 to 20 hours continuously on one set of batteries. The Cycling Gadgets from cost nothing compared to the amount of safety they offer. It is a safety gadget for everyone who likes to go biking, whether regularly or once in awhile. These super bright lights are also visible during daytime, providing you additional amount of safety.

Reliable Functionality

Rainproof functionality helps protect the lights even during rain. You can continue to use it in rainy conditions for months and it will not be affected like many of its counterparts. The Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight is designed for safety and longevity. Make sure to replace the batteries in time and you will not have to worry about these super bright lights.

The Bicycle Rear Safety Taillight is designed to enhance the level of safety every time you are out on the road. It can be used during daytime, at night or at dusk.

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