Spruce Up Your Pool Deck With Concrete Antiquing

Pool owners can surely relate: Sometimes it seems as if your pool will never be clean. You can clean and clean and the deck still may look stained from the snow cone Uncle George dropped last year. And although this may sometimes be the case, it’s not a legitimate reason you should get a new pool deck. Instead, with concrete antiquing, you can make your pool deck look good as new at a much smaller cost.


Concrete antiquing can be a good option if you just want to get some resurfacing done on your pool deck, for instance if wind or pool chemicals have worn the surface away. Concrete antiquing can make any plain gray concrete look much more interesting and provide a different color than standard gray. By subtly changing the look of concrete, you can really give your pool deck a completely different feel.

Stamping, Texturing or Breaking

A common alternative to antiquing your concrete is to stamp it, give it texture, or break it up a little bit by using stones. Stamped concrete is one of the most popular types of concrete for pool decks. Stamped concrete has two colors, both of which blend together to make it look antiqued.

One reason this style of concrete is such a popular choice is because it mimics the look of many other, more expensive materials at a much lower cost. It is also coated, which serves to protect your concrete from the elements — something that’s especially important for a pool deck that will be coming into contact with a lot of water and chemicals. This sealer usually needs to be replaced every two to three years. You’ll also want to make sure that there is an anti-skid agent mixed in with the sealer in order to prevent your pool deck from becoming too slippery, ultimately causing people to slip and get hurt. You can usually tell if pavement is stamped because of the joints on the concrete, are in place to help guide concrete cracks.

Spruce Up Your Pool Deck With Concrete Antiquing


In the past, some people have been skeptical of using concrete on their pool decks due to perceived danger, but new technologies that are used to create stamped concrete really do end up making these features look a lot better. There are so many different colors of concrete that can be used now that really help improve the look of a pool deck.

Final Thoughts

When your pool deck looks bad, it can ruin the appearance of your entire pool and even your backyard in general. If you have a pool, you want to maintain the appearance of it because a nice looking pool can really be a big help if you ever decide to sell your house. If you’re going to have a nice pool and invest a lot of money in it, you can’t choose to let the pool deck get ruined or it will completely offset the investment that you’ve made in the pool.

Concrete antiquing is a great way to make any pool look sleeker and more polished. Even if your pool is not so great, or if it’s starting to get old, by fixing up the pool deck you can make the whole area look good as new. You may be surprised!

Written by Robert Thompson, owner of TlC Lawncare and Landscaping. TLC is one of the preferred concrete contractors Columbia MO has to offer. They also specialize in many other services such as lawn care and landscaping!

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