South India’s Prized Possessions – Best Destinations To Travel

Depending on your taste and the type of destination you would like to take a jaunt to, there is a myriad of choices in South India that you can consider. Here’s a small guide to the best south Indian destinations which are pretty famous amongst the travellers and are worth a visit.

1. Coorg

Alluded to as the Scotland of the South by the British, Coorg is certainly the spot perfect for the love birds. With its interesting style of wedding ceremonies where rather than the clerics, the elderly begin the errands, it is one spot where the green of the verdure takes off high and gets blended with the white and dark. The most stunning part is the morning here in Coorg that really captivates the couples. Also, Coorg packages sell like hot cakes, especially among the honeymooners, since Coorg is one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations in the world.

2. Port Blair

Port Blair is situated in the east shore of Southern Andaman Island and serves as the fundamental gateway to enter the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A visit to Port Blair and its encompassing ranges, gives a faint idea of the way of life here which is for the most part in light of the legacy of the tribal populaces that stay in the region. In spite of the fact that it is prohibited to visit the terrains where tribes are still situated, with the assistance of exceptional grants, you can visit these ranges. India’s most exotic and offbeat destination, Port Blair is one enchanting experience that must be encountered once in a lifetime.

3. Ponmudi

Known as the Golden Peak of Kerala, Ponmundi has its name listed in the rundown of one of the top honeymoon and solo travel destinations in South India. Comprising of extravagant tea manors, bent trails, awe-inspiring mountain peaks and a myriad variety of butterflies, Ponmudi is one of the spots you ought to consider while planning a trip down south. The whole scene is just dream like, embellished with thick timberlands, waterfalls, and different trekking trails.

4. Ananthagiri Hills

One of the main three hill stations of Andhra Pradesh, Ananthagiri Hills give the vista of slopes joshing with the mists. It is the impressive summer retreat in Andhra and one of the cleanest and greenest places in India. Ananthagiri boasts of the dazzling scenes that just stops everything and spells a tune of calm and refreshment on the travellers.

5. Gava, Kerala

Kerala’s most loved elephants welcome you into this woodland thickly populated by tropical flora and fauna. Numerous species of wild beings can be found here, with some of the rarest as well. These incorporate the Lion tailed macaque and the Nilgiri Tahr. Somewhat obscure and odd, Gavi offers an extensive variety of outdoor activities as well, such as trekking, safaris, etc. Gavi is gradually rising as a mainstream destination in South India for Eco tourism, and is a hot favourite pick amongst the various wildlife tour packages on offer in the travel market.

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