Simple Tips To Wedge It Like A Pro

To wedge or not to wedge is not the question. When confronting a challenging layout of one of the golf courses in Dallas, the real question is how to do it like a pro.

These clubs have the highest lofts and you can use it to make complicated situations easy. However, to get that magic work in your you need to follow a few rules. Like most of the golf shots, you obviously need to concentrate on your swing to use the wedge successfully. But, playing the wedge requires you to address the ball first. So, let us start with you placing the ball on the ground and slowly move towards helping you to learn how to hit the wedge.

First Things First

It would be better for you to practice with the wedge if you could visualize a straight line from the ball to your target. So, keep the distance between the ball and the target to a minimum. Next, take your stance. Spread your feet keeping the ball and the club shaft at the exact center. Now place your left foot in the line of the target (for lefties it will be the right foot), turning your body just as much as you need to maintain balance.

Now if the ball is in the rough, you need to put more pressure on your left foot (right foot for lefties). This will help you to bear down on your shot and move the ball through thick grass. Also, try to pick a position where less grass comes in between the wedge shaft and the ball during the hit.

Practice swinging the wedge to feel if the motion is smooth and you are comfortable with it. If you feel the need to get more balance into the posture, pull your lead foot back a bit and try again. Make sure that your body is turning with every shot, otherwise your swing won’t have the required power and the golf ball will deviate from the target trajectory. You can practice these swings by placing a spare golf club on the ground aiming towards the target. It will help you identify any mistakes in swing mechanics and help you master the wedge like a pro.

Bouncing the Ball

Once you learn the right way to take a stance for a wedge shot, it is time to get the ball up in the air, away from the rough. Always prefer the wedge with a high loft (although all of them have that in common, pick one close to a 60 degree loft). Control is a primary requirement when you are using a wedge. So, grab the club a little lower than you are used to. Right at the base of the grip would be fine. Now try to hit beneath the ball with your golf club face. If the hit is right, you will see the ball bounce off the field to your desired destination. Of course, the first few hits won’t have accuracy. But, try to use a subtle wrist movement to control the power in the hit. It won’t be an easy job at first, but with time you would be able to get the ball bounce as high as you need. Wedge shots can be your super secret weapon that can get you out of a not-so-easy to play situation in the golf course.

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas. And we can certainly say that about the beautiful golf courses in the Dallas area. While these are awesome places to perfect your golfing skills, you can also impress your colleagues or business partners on your official golfing sessions. With these quick tips on hitting the perfect wedge, you are certainly another step closer to it.

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