Shopping In Oslo: Trading Buy In Scandinavian Way

Are you going to Oslo? Oslo is a city of many streets that are free from public transport. It looks like they are oriented mostly for shopping. Speaking about the Old City, this is the shopping paradise. You can find everything here starting from hand-made products and chic jewelry. Actually, the Old City is a not only a region of the leading brand hops, but many boutiques and shopping malls.

Majorsuen is a district where you can find democratic prices of such trademarks as Zara, H&M, Sisley, Mexx and Vero Moda.

Fronger and Bygdoy Alle are districts of design salons, interior boutiques and antique shops. You can also meet exclusive shops here to buy underwear and cooking things.

Grunerlokka is a trade territory, situated in the Eastern bank of Akerselva River. Young designers like this place. You meet a great many of little souvenir shops, clothes shops, pubs and restaurants.

Greenland is a district, where the most of shops belong to emigrants. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, spices. This is your chance to get a good sale for textile and golden jewelry.

Oslo City / sign

Shopping Malls and Trade Centers

Oslo City

This is the biggest and central shopping center of the city. It is situated not far from the central railway station. More than 50 000 of people come here every day. What are you interested in? Almost all popular brands, specialized in clothes and shoes, can be met here. You can also meet national brands: the clothes is cheap but interesting of bright colors.

Steen & Strom

Steen&Strom is a big shopping mall of five floors. The last floor is occupied by Norway goods: wooden plates, glassy wear, ceramics. The rest of the shop floors are occupied by different popular brands from all over the world: Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Filippa K, Tiger of Sweden.


Paleet Shopping Mall presents mostly the local brands. So, you can visit Bjorn Born, Fiori di Oslo, Infini and others. You can find interesting jewelry in the first floor: Sno, Bruuns Bazaar, Kiman Woman.

What to Buy?

You should buy jewelry! The city is full of big and small shops of silver and golden jewelry of different companies. The best-selling silver brand is Arts & Crafts.

You should buy interesting interior items. Welcome to Traktoren! This is a shop of many original ethnic interior items made of natural materials, bright colors. Utopia Retro Modern – this is the biggest furniture shop in the city. Glasmagasinet welcomes you to buy amazing glassy goods, popular all over the Europe.

You should buy antique things! Go to Akersgata Street, where the oldest second-hand book shop is situated. What is more, try to visit interesting book store in C Langbreсke. Looking for antique musical instruments, you should go to Glem Ikken. The cheapest shops in the city are Nille (houseware), Clas Ohlson (electronics), IKEA (furniture), Plantasjen and Oasen Hageland (greenery).

Wisdom shopping?

As far as Oslo is an important ecological capital of the city, citizens always take care of their environment. There are many special shops to buy ecological clean products like clothes or food.

There are many food shops in Oslo. The best popular of them are Rema1000, Rimi, Kiwi, Prix, Obs, Meny, Spar, Mega, ICA, Seven-Eleven. As a rule, the assortment of such shops is not only food but a little bit of everything: household, chemicals, plants and garden equipment.

Souvenirs from Oslo

In short, the eighth part of your budget goes to buy numerous presents and souvenirs for your friends and relatives. What is the best souvenir from Oslo?

The most popular souvenir from Norway is woolen hand-made sweater, decorated with traditional ornament. The biggest choice of sweaters is in the popular souvenir shop Dale of Norway. You can also buy sweater in Oslo Sweater Shop. You meet sweaters in every big souvenir shops of the city.

Oslo, Norway

The rest of other warm and soft souvenirs from Norway are slippers, mittens, socks and T-shirts. Pay attention to warm woolen scarfs. The longest of them are the most expensive. You can also buy a pair of thick woolen socks decorated with national decoration. They are usually sold just in the souvenir shops all over the city. Traditionally, T-shirts of national symbols are also popular.

The next popular souvenir from Oslo is troll’s statue. The assortment of trolls is wide. They are made of stone, ceramics, soft materials, and textile. The prices are traditionally cheap. You can buy many other toys for souvenirs: dears, dolls, elks. The best -selling toy souvenir is Ludwig doll – a little cute doll with yellow scarf on it. Never miss your chance to buy silver and ceramic house ware, marble dishes, vase, woolen carpets, fur clothes, glassy souvenirs. Look around and choose something!

Sales! Sales! Sales!

The life level in Oslo is rather high. Thus, the prices are also high. Nevertheless, people do not care of this fact. You can always meet sales: there are many high-quality goods for cheap prices. This is the common practice in Oslo. The sales are different in different shops. So, it is better to hire a car in Oslo to travel go and there around the city to find bargains.

Bislet bok

You can meet sales the year around in Oslo. There are no special rules and recommendation about this fact. As a rule, the sales start from an active advertising campaign. You will never miss it! In spite of that fact that Oslo is a city of sales, the biggest sales periods are in summer (July-August) and winter (after Christmas period). Welcome to Norway in January! The sales are more than 50-70% here. There is nothing to be better for shopping lovers.

Welcome to boutique sales! Every shop has its own sales period. Try to pay attention to the information in the street and shops for not to miss sales period. The first and sure sight for shop to be on sale is SALG that means SALE. Traditionally, this is the attribute of good shopping and happy day.

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