Service At The Dealership

Getting service done on your car at the dealership can actually make your car last much longer than you ever imagined. Though it may seem like it doesn’t matter where you have routine maintenance done on your car, there are lots of reasons to choose dealers like Los Gatos Toyota over unaffiliated garages. One of the biggest reasons to make sure you’re getting service performed at your dealership is your new car’s warranty.

Service At The Dealership

When you buy a brand new car, the warranty usually requires that for the first three to five years you have all routine maintenance and repairs done at the dealership where it was bought. This allows the expert mechanics working in the service center to keep tabs on your car’s condition and to catch any potential problems your car may have. It also means that the company knows your car is being taken great care of, hasn’t had any repairs that were done wrong, and that nothing has been done to the car, during maintenance, that could harm it. When you abide by the terms of your warranty and get maintenance done on site, your car is guaranteed by the company for the life of the warranty. This is one of the biggest reasons to make sure your car is taken care of by the dealership. But even if your car is outside of its warranty, the dealership can still take better care of your vehicle than anywhere else.

Service At The Dealership1

The experts at the dealership can always make sure that your tires are inflated to the proper amount, your car is using the right oil, and everything else is in tip top shape. You can schedule an appointment for service at Stevens Creek on their website, or stop by anytime for quick service.

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