Safety Tips For Using Kids Electric Scooters

Kids electric scooters are a great source of fun for your children, but there are important guidelines all kids should follow to ensure their safety and prevent trips to the hospital. Here are the important safety tips that need to be followed to ensure your kids are safe while riding around the neighborhood or in town.

Safety Tips For Using Kids Electric Scooters

Use the Right Equipment when Riding Electric Scooters

Your kids should be wearing the proper clothing and safety equipment when operating electric scooters. Shoes should always be worn while riding. Long clothing is ideal to protect against scrapes and cuts in case of falls. Knee pads, elbow pads and (most importantly) helmets will protect against bruising, bone damage, or more serious injury.

Know Where to Use Kids Electric Scooters

If your kids are new to electric scooters, make sure they familiarize themselves with theirs before riding on the streets. Quiet parking lots make for great practice areas. Electric scooters should not be ridden in traffic – always stay on the shoulder or to the side. When making turns and crossing roads, always give vehicles the right-of-way and make eye contact before proceeding.

Obey traffic signs and signals, and don’t dart out from hidden spaces and parked cars. Never have more than one person on a scooter at one time. Also, be sure kids understand the dangers of trying to carry something and ride an electric scooter at the same time.

Road Condition Considerations

Make sure your kids ride on roads that are well paved and have smooth surfaces. Gravel roads can cause the scooter to skid or slide when stopping quickly or making turns. Electric scooters should not be ridden at night since it is more difficult to see and be seen.

Maintain Your Kids Electric Scooter Regularly

Be sure the scooter is properly maintained at all times. Maintenance procedures will be provided in the documentation provided by the scooter manufacturer. Basic maintenance includes checking to make sure the wheels are aligned correctly, ensuring properly functionality of the brake lever, making sure all visible bolts are fastened, and keeping the tires inflated at the proper air pressure.

Obey the Local Regulations

The general consensus is that this scooters for kids are suitable for children twelve and older. Kids between the ages of eight and eleven can ride non-motorized scooters. Electric scooters should not be ridden anywhere where motorized vehicles are prohibited. Check with the local authorities regarding any additional regulations for electric scooters.

By making sure your kids understand the importance of these safety tips, they will have a safe and enjoyable experience with their electric scooters.

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