Rental Car Damage Protection Is Possible By Following 5 Simple Steps

There are certain things which most don’t realize, but you should keep these factors in mind considering the fact that it makes things easier in the long run after all. Now when it comes to renting a car, there are certain things you’ve got to understand for your own benefit as well as that of the car. This includes the fact that when you’re renting a car, you can actually be billed for concerns like dings, minor dents, scratches and likewise when you decide to actually turn it in. In fact, if you happen to chance upon a mistaken claim by a car insurance agency, then this could impact your car insurance rates as well as your credit score to a great extent. Scared? Don’t be for there are ways by which you can protect yourself against the car rental damage fees ultimately.

Rental Car Damage Protection Is Possible By Following 5 Simple Steps

Protect yourself against Car Rental Damage

Understand that all it takes are some simple precautionary steps before you actually sign for the rental vehicle. Of course there’s rental car damage protection brand to help you out, but here are certain things you should always know.

  1. Do fill out the Car Condition Sheet:
  2. It’s extremely important for you to fill out the car condition sheet before you actually leave the rental agency. Make it a point to keep a thorough check on every little scratch or dent or whatever it seems. Don’t ignore any of them simply because it appears minor. It’d be best if you could take a picture or video of these damages. You should also make it a point to thoroughly inspect the interior of the car for any blemishes, signs of wear, frays, etc. Spend a few minutes doing this and you could actually save yourself a lot of money in the long run. If you find that the car is damage free, then make it a point to take pictures of the car from each side. Remember these should be full body shots from the front, back and then each side. Take a picture of the windshield and even undercarriage.

  1. Take up the Add-on Insurance:
  2. If you don’t happen to be covered by your primary insurance or for that matter a credit card, then you might as well consider taking on the rental car agency’s add-on insurance. This would actually be in your best interests even though there might be a big price tag involved.

  1. Run a Test of all the Systems:
  2. You should also make it a point to run a test of all the systems before you actually leave the lot. Run a thorough test of the air conditioning, windshield wipers, lights, transmission, radio, etc. If you see anything that’s not working properly, then make it a point to report it immediately. Don’t move off unless and until it has been clearly noted.

  1. Try Paying with your Credit Card:
  2. It’s often considered a good idea that in case of rental car insurance you actually make payments with your credit card. This is because most credit card companies are known to provide collision protection. Even rental car companies provide this, but it comes with a high price tag involved. It’d be best if you checked with your credit card company whether you’re covered or not before renting the car.

  1. Present Evidence if you Receive Bill:
  2. Don’t fail to produce these pictures, videos and the thorough car condition report if you still happen to receive a bill in spite of all your precautionary steps.

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