Regardless of the Kind of Solution You Need Maralyn Astrology is Ready to Help You

Astrology can be a very interesting subject because it lets you know a lot about yourself. In case you are a New York resident and a believer in this subject, then make it a point to pay a visit to the Maralyn Burstein, a very distinguished astrologer who can be found in Astrology Center, Yorkville, Upper East Side, NY 11. Astrology involves the study of a lot of things so it is necessary to know what Maralyn deals in before you decide to reach her office with your queries.

The knowledgeable astrologer Maralyn Burstein offers astrological services in a number of fields, including Horary Astrology, Western Astrology, Vedic astrology, and even Hellenistic Astrology. However, it is best to schedule an appointment before dropping in. So just dial 415 309 5165 or dial Skype 415 670 9402. You can take her help for predictions on investments and future, matchmaking, and even creating charts. If you are suffering from the dilemma of whether to appoint the new CEO for your company or not take Maralyn Burstein’s advice and watch how your business booms.


Maralyn’s list of devoted clientele is huge and they are from different places, including New York and its surrounding areas. The list includes people from different walks of life including politicians, celebrities, singers, actors, businessmen, stock market people, couples and many others. Many consults her regarding legal matters and matrimonial issues as well. In fact she is considered an expert in comparing charts and making predictions regarding the future of young couples. Most parents find it a relief to have the charts checked by her.

Maralyn Burstein is highly educated in literature and music apart from astrology.  She did her BA and Masters Degree from George Washington University, Washington DC. After studying British Literature through she completed high school from INTERLOCHEN Arts Academy in Michigan. She received her certificate in Horary Astrology after completing the course by John Fawley. Maralyn Burstein is quite well-known in the field of astrology and interested clients can meet her for advice by going through the company’s website.

She can also be contacted on all social media sites like FACEBOOK and Twitter and others. She usually predicts the stock market moves for her clients on Twitter.  She is avid in wide-ranging musical fields and has finished her music courses from INTERLOCHEN where she studied piano, voice, and violin. She also did a special course on poetry and literature in Vermont, Goddard College. Then she started pursuing her dream of studying astrology. Maralyn specialized in Western Astrology and then moved on to study Vedic Astrology.

Maralyn Burstein got her astrology degree from the well-known Faculty of Astrological Studies in England. She had the privilege of studying under great teachers Nandan Chirmilay, Dr Charak, Brendan Feelay, and K N Rao. Maralyn received the Shaktipat reward from Rao owing to her terrific prowess and skills in the subject. She studied the higher courses from John Frawley who is a great astrologer himself. Maralyn had met John during a seminar organized by The Faculty of Astrological Studies.

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