Preparing For Travel – Security Bags

When traveling across Australia or around the world ensuring that your liquids purchased at duty-free or brought through security remains secure and tamper-proof is of the utmost importance to a traveler. Imagine purchasing a high-end perfume or cologne placing it in your temper evident security bag only to have it confiscated by airport security because the bag was not properly designated as a temper evident bag. In the age of tightened security for airport travel investing in quality one time use security bags is a necessity.

Preparing For Travel - Security Bags

Tamper Evident Security Bags

Airport security requirements

Airlines, governments and security agents that enforce security regulations to ensure passenger safety in light of 9/11 require most passengers to put any liquids, gels or aerosols that are carried on to planes or purchased at duty-free locations before boarding to be placed in temper evident security bags as an extra measure of protection. These regulations were put in force by the European Union in 2006 and effectively made it an international standard to require security bags for all liquid items. The development of temper evident security bags with an ISO standardized demarcation denoted the need to provide quality bags for the airline industry. These bags were seen as a harmonizing security measure to ensure the safety of passengers while in flight. Although there is discussion regarding technological advancement upgrades to screening and security stations that will enable proper screening and analysis containers holding liquids and relaxing the requirement for security bags, this could be as much is 10 years in the future.

Tips concerning these bags

whenever traveling ensure that your security bag is rated for international travel is accepted at most westernized nations airport security checkpoints including the European Union or wherever you may be traveling. The United States at this time do not accept tamper evident security bags through security checkpoints and will confiscate these items at those checkpoints. For US destinations all liquids will need to be placed in your checked baggage. These bags are considered tamper evident in should not be opened during your travel or they may be subject to confiscation at any security checkpoint. At most security checkpoints the security bags are only accepted for two calendar days, after which they will need to be checked or surrendered. The quality of your bank is important as extreme cold or heat can affect the seals on lesser quality bags and if the seal is open it will not be allowed through a security checkpoint. These bags are not considered part of your carry-on allowances but may be punctured or opened at security checkpoints depending on the security personnel and their discretion. Also at their discretion is the ability to confiscate them if they are not packaged properly or it does not pass the security screening. Also remember that alcoholic beverages purchased at duty-free outlets are not allowed to be removed from these security bags during flights.

Temper evident security bags have come to prominence through the need for airport and passenger safety for most airlines operating across the globe. They provide the ability for a quick check of the contents of the bag and the sealed container for any possibly harmful liquids during flight.

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