Precautionary Measures For Avoiding Fire Mishap In Cars

Most people look for a fire escape plan for their homes to make their buildings safe. However, they are not so much concerned about their cars. A car may go up in flames within a few minutes and so it’s important that you take precautionary measures for avoiding such an unfortunate event.  You should not be puzzled if your vehicle catches fire but should think about ways to safeguard yourself and your fellow passengers from the hazard.

You should have the knowledge that some vehicle fires occur by collisions whereas others take place without crunching of metal. But these could be avoided with a few simple steps. Collision damage could be restored in a vehicle but a serious vehicle fire often leads to a total loss of the vehicle. It is because a serious case of vehicle fire reduces the metal strength and the distorted panels of the car become difficult to repair. Moreover the replacement of the burned wire system often becomes very costly.

Let’s have a look at a few precautionary measures for avoiding fire mishap in your car:

Inspect the Fuel Lines

You should inspect the fuel lines to see whether there is any split, crack, softness or corrosion. If you find any deterioration, try to change the old pipes of the fuel line with the new ones. The materials of old vehicle fuel lines are less tolerant to the ethanol contained gasoline of the present day vehicles.

Precautionary Measures For Avoiding Fire Mishap In Cars

Keep the Engine Compartment Clean

Try to keep the engine compartment of your car clean. It is because an oil-soaked and dirty engine is often the cause of a vehicle fire. Besides if you keep the engine compartment clean, it will be easy for you to find fuel and look for the leakage of any other fluid.

Remove Trash from Car Floor

Get rid of trash from your car floor and seats. If you have the habit of smoking don’t lit a cigarette inside your car as it could spark a fire by falling on the trash of your vehicle floor.

Carry an Extinguisher

Always carry an extinguisher in your vehicle wherever you move.  You could place it either between the front seats or under them. It won’t be possible to get a loose extinguisher rolling round your car floor and if it remains unmounted, it will become a projectile inside your vehicle in a panic stop.

Follow these simple tips and avoid a car fire accident. You could also call an auto fire expert for inspecting your car to make it free from fire hazards.

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