Pool Safety Net or Pool Safety Cover?

What is a Pool Safety Net?

Pool safety nets are great for covering swimming pools, spa, and other water features due to its easy installation and low price. In fact, pool safety nets are among the most common bought products for pool safety.

Their small openings make it hard for your child to walk over and to insert their heads into the hole. These safety nets are very light and handy and can be easily installed on any swimming pool. Pool safety nets are also convenient to use as it will only take a maximum of 15 minutes to remove and replace it.

What is a Pool Safety Cover?

Swimming pool covers stretch tight all over the pool and is secured to the deck of the pool.  It can’t be easily removed by children and can hold an equivalent weight of a 4,000-pound car, which means that it can strongly carry the weight of small kids and even large house pets.

Frequently, safety covers are utilized during the winter season, though it can also be used during summer if you have the patience to take out and replace the safety cover, which takes about a maximum of 15 minutes.

The price for installing a pool safety cover depends on the type and size of the pool. A hammer drill is needed to install the deck anchors.

Safety covers can come in automatic ones. Automatic pool covers, on the other hand, are extremely a safe pool cover as it doesn’t only cover the pool but also the area of the pool. This pool cover type prevents evaporation and saves heat loss at the same time maintaining the cleanliness of the pool. Although automatic covers are convenient, they are also very expensive. Remember that the installation of this pool cover isn’t DIY-friendly.

Which is which?

Both types have their pros and cons.

If you are after convenience, opt for safety nets as they are considered as the most convenient pool cover. Any pool, spa or water feature can be installed with it. Safety nets can also be added with a light and easy to remove leaf cover so that debris will not pass through the pool.

If you are after maximum safety, go for the pool safety cover. Apart from that, it helps in keeping your pool clean by shielding it from rainwater, snow melt, and debris. You will have a good chance of having a clean pool if you close and open the pool correctly.

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