Planning A Destination For Wedding In India

The rich heritage of India and its eternal diversity enthuse people to explore other lands and learn their culture. This is also one of the reasons for destination weddings. The idea of getting married in an exotically romantic destination, just like the kind you see in fairytales and folktales inspire many people to look for various destinations.  Hence, destination weddings in India are becoming a rage. However, planning for such a wedding requires a little more time and effort when compared to traditional weddings in India. You can make things easier by hiring a wedding planner operating in the area.

To make your destination wedding idea work, your partner and his family should be supportive. Most of the time, weddings in India are arranged through matrimony sites and other mediums, so you need to  promote your idea in the initial stages of marriage discussions. If your parents are doing most of the talking and arranging the venue part, then you need to discuss the idea with them and find out how feasible it would be for both families to have a destination wedding. If both families agree, then you are in luck because your dream will come true now. If you are planning to settle down and would like to find a groom/bride, then you can visit Vysya Matrimony. The chances of your finding a partner who will fulfil your dreams and aspirations are much higher there, according to the first hand-experience my aunt had.

Planning A Destination For Wedding In India

Choosing the location for destination wedding in India

With that mind, what kind of destination wedding do you want? Is it a beach, palace, hill station or a houseboat wedding? Is it a place you liked as a child? Whatever your reason is for planning a destination wedding in India, it should indeed capture the essence of the destination. If you are going for a beach wedding, then it would be a great idea because nothing could be more private and tranquil than a beach. Kerala and Goa are the most sought-after spots for beach destination weddings in India. Kerala also offers numerable opportunities for a houseboat wedding. If you are looking for palace weddings, then you can choose Rajastan, Udaipur or Jaipur. Rajastan has surreal forts, imposing palaces and impenetrable forts and if you are looking for a lavish wedding then this would be the best choice. The fact that Udaipur is quite close to Delhi and Mumbai, is less crowded and have many luxurious palaces and venues make it another interesting place for destination weddings. Similarly, the pink city of Jaipur has grand heritage hotels and regal palaces where you can tie the knot.

Personalising the destination wedding in India

One of the main advantages of planning a destination wedding in India is that you can get as creative as you want. You can arrange for games and recreation which both the groom’s and the bride’s relatives can attend. As people from two different families get together, it is important that the relatives also get to know each other and the games are the best way to break that ice. Culminate the games event with music and DJ and it will make your wedding in India even more remarkable, memorable and special.

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