PICTO – Watches That Make Your Time Beautiful

We all know that if you have to do something then you have to do the right thing at the right time because time may not give you second chance. For this, you need to have a perfect picture of time.Here PICTO watches with all the features are ruling the market.

Discover here new fashion and style- about PICTO watches

PICTO the watch factory created by Steen and Erling in the 80s give you a pleasant picture of time. PICTO never follows the real rule of time and you will not be working on the command of time. Instead of dividing the day into minutes and seconds it is a visual representation of time. Don’t forget to try PICTO as you will be pleasantly surprised by its features.

 You will discoverhere a completely different way of indicating time like they design the watch with a dot on the rotating dial to mark the hour while conventional hands mark the minutes.

They came with the greatest outcome and that is PICTO which means the picture. PICTO is a perfect picture of the time which no other watches can show. PICTO is the world’s first wristwatch that indicates time in pictogram.

Another feature which they have incorporated is the art of minimalism. The clean graphical and minimalist feature of PICTO brought a revolution in the market for watches and still more than 30 years later PICTO is still ruling with their unique features. They represent our modern design and since 1984 after their launch, they become a popular name in the international market.

PICTO comes with a variety of color collection.PICTO have monochrome collections with the art of minimalism for both men and women.

Discover here new fashion and style- PICTO watches online store

You can order your watch from pictowatches.com and the procedure of purchasing to delivery is very easy and secured. They have an online store open for 24 hours a day. The prices of watches include VAT and taxes and duties.

 To order you have to meet 18 years of age or more and must own a debit or credit card. They will guide you how to make payments through information available on their websites. Only they will need your personal information like address, phone no, e-mail address through which you are paying.But they will make sure that your personal information is always kept private and are not disclosed under any circumstances.

Discover here new fashion and style-PICTO watches delivery and return

They take 3-5 business days to ship their products and you will receive your goods in parcel post courier. They completely assure the safety of goods delivered and trace and track your order. They only want correct information from your side to avoid any inconvenience.

You can have a return facility for180 daysfrom the date of delivery.You can also let them know with email, letter or telephone if you have taken the product from their shop.In the case of cancellation online you will get the refund within 14 days of receiving the message of cancellation. They will transfer the amount to your credit card.But they canwithhold refund if they don’t receive the goods from you.There can reduce the product value which depends on how you have handled products before returning.But the return facility is completely free of cost.

Your goods are under the Sale of Goods Act by which you get 2 years warranty from the date of delivery. You repair or refund or have reductions in price. But you have to place a justified reason within the stipulated time.

A return within 2 months after discovering the fault is always taken by the company.But if inany case your demand for return is not justified you will have to bear all the cost incurred due to return.So you must keep the product in proper packaging and you must have the receipt for shipment.They do not accept goods returned by cash on delivery.

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