Patrick Imbardelli- Business Leader With A Positive Zeal!

Everyone has control a team but few can actually get the highest levels of involvement from a team while leading it to success.  In the hotel and hospitality industry, there is a leader cum mentor who is known for his dynamic personality and excellent leadership skills. His name is well-known in the hotel industry and he has been bestowed with a number of international rewards and honors. His name also invokes deep trust and respect in the industry. His name is Patrick Imbardelli!

Patrick Imbardelli- Business Leader With A  Positive Zeal!

Patrick Imbardelli has made a number of significant and rich contributions to The Pan Pacific Hotels Group- a well-known luxury chain of hotels spread over 12 locations across the globe. He served the Group as its President and Chief Executive Officer. During his span of 30 years, he has been associated with several top names in the hotel and hospitality industry. He has brought in many positive changes to the Group and is a major inspiration for everyone.

Patrick believes in the spirit of teamwork and trust. This is his secret formula for success. Trust is important for the growth and development of an organization. The hotel and hospitality industry is an area where trust and quality go hand in hand. With the right amount, you can actually stand out in a crowd and become a leading name. This philosophy of his actually helped the PPHG chain of luxury hotels to become one of the best in the land. He has effectively motivated everyone to build a strong bond of trust and quality for the progress of the Group and its operations.

Patrick is also a mentor and guide to many in the hotel and hospitality industry today. He has been associated with it for over 30 years and is known for his rich experience and valuable skills. He is also known for his management expertise and business strategy skills. He insists that he has learned a lot of lessons in the last 30 years and this has helped him to contribute to the growth and success of the company without hassles. He has also laid the foundation for the future acquisitions of the Group and that is why he is remembered as a key figure when it comes to positive transformation and consistent growth. He has always focused on the expansion of the PPHG chain of hotels and this has helped the Group win a number of awards from major organizations in the industry like The Top In Q3 2009 Hospitality Index from the Market Metrix Hospitality Index, Top in Q2 2009 Customer Satisfaction and the Overall Winner and Winner In Luxury Hotels Segment For 2008.

Besides being one of the best business mentors and leaders in the hotel and hospitality industry, Patrick Imbardelli is loved and respected widely by all. He has implemented a lot of corporate business plans that have worked very well with the PPHG chain of hotels. He is a true leader who believes in trust and quality. He has been one of the most positive influences in the PPHG chain of hotels and one of the best professionals the current hotel and hospitality management industry has ever seen!

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