Overview On Lungs Disease

Millions of common people are suffering from various kinds of lung disease across the globe. The reasons are also several. Smoking, infections and genetic disorders have been marked as most commonly found reasons behind lung diseases. The systems of lungs are very complicated. Mainly it works hard throughout the day to distribute oxygen to all parts of the body. You will be able to see branches called trachea that goes into several bronchia. Bronchia are the branches of trachea but smaller in size. There are following diseases that affect lungs airways.


The wind pipes of the lungs are affected badly in case a person is suffering from asthma. They looked inflamed. The inflammation of the airways may cause shortness of breath or gasping. Pollution in the air increases chances of getting affected by asthma. Sometimes asthma causes of allergies.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

The inability of the lungs to help you exhale normally causes mainly due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You will feel continuous panting if you affected with COPD.


There is almost no difference between COPD and chronic bronchitis. If a person suffering from COPD provides cough then that is observed as chronic bronchitis disease.

There is several other lung diseases also can be observed in large numbers, but reasons are almost same. People with smoking history are always prone to suffer from lung diseases. It is also noticed that if you suffer from any kind of lung disease, then you will feel short of breathiness for sure at some point of time. The windpipes or tracheas of lungs have several branches and at the end of all the branches you will be able to find alveoli. Alveoli are nothing but small airbags. The diseases affect directly alveoli are very critical in nature. You will be able to see following diseases that affect alveoli directly.


Pneumonia is nothing but a grave infection on alveoli. This happens due to bacteria.


Tuberculosis is the superlative degree of pneumonia. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the name of the bacteria that aggravates the condition of any patient suffering from pneumonia.

Emphysema is something that can be termed as a silent killer because this disease does not only affect alveoli but also other airways of the lungs. Emphysema badly affects the weak connections between alveoli and that in turn affect the amount of airflow in the entire body. In case a person is suffering from pulmonary edema then you may find that an amount of fluid is captured in some part of the lungs. The fluid sometimes comes out of smaller veins of the lungs. You may also find acute breathing problem due to lung cancer. If we see the reasons behind all of the diseases of lungs than most of them look very common.

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