ORM: Flying Golf Cart

Golf carts has been the staple for transportation on a golf course but that has changed with the new flying golf cart which ORM has acquired as a new form of transportation. It’s practically a golf cart with a jetpack, with a huge jetpack that is strong enough to lift you and your golf clubs into the air.

The golf cart can reach altitudes of about 3000 feet and can move at the speed of forty six miles per hour due to the 210 horsepower engine which powers two huge fans. It’s your average jetpack with enough room to carry your equipment. ORM is going to have to play this product to the young golfers since more of the baby boomerswould probably won’t have to waste time getting a license to pilot a small aircraft such as this to play a simple game like golf. They will have to target young men and women between the ages of 25 to 37 who has time and lots of disposable income. The company will in fact give out lessons and a test in order to give them the license for the aircraft. ORM is link building their website for acquiring the license even though there are other companies who are offering their services on how to pilot this aircraft.

The aircraft costs about $200,000 American so not anyone can afford or is willing to spend that much for a small aspect of the game. Nevertheless, this jetpack is not just about golf or making mobility easier, its about the future and the advancements we as a race are achieving. This company and ORM hopes that this technology will inspired others to creating something better within the transportation industry or any other industry that is linked to jetpack technology. ORM is hoping that this product gains traction on social media and tech sites because they too believe in this product.

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