Online Marketing – How To Use SEO and Social Bookmarking To Generate Website Traffic

Why is Traffic Important to Websites?

When you start a new website, the statistics about visitors to your site is what will interest you most. For any site to become popular it has to be frequented by people. The main objective of people who advertise their sites is to get traffic to their website which can result in increase of business and also help in developing the brand value of the brand. Without traffic, the websites will not find space in the top 10 search results of search engines and it will be very tough to find advertisers for the site. So the main priority of people is to generate traffic to their site and that is why they opt for advertising and other forms of marketing. One such activity is the use of SEO and social bookmarking sites to get people to visit the website.

Online Marketing – How To Use SEO and Social Bookmarking To Generate Website Traffic

How is Social Bookmarking Done?

Social bookmarking is very similar to the regular bookmarking that you do in your browser where you save the link of the webpage or website that you like or want to use later on. The main restriction in the browser bookmarks is that they will be available only in the specific computer and can only be accessed from that browser. Online bookmarking also known as social bookmarking takes it a step further where you can save bookmarks online so that you can access them from any computer using the internet. This gradually became a social site and people started sharing their bookmarks in the social site to help others find sites that they are looking for. The process of social SEO is a new way for websites to social promote themselves and is known to give good results.

How it Works?

  • Many SEO techniques are used by people to generate traffic to their site. Social bookmarking SEO technique is one of the latest trends in online marketing.
  • When a person uses social bookmarking SEO technique he is placing the link of his website or webpage in the social bookmarking site and tagging it with relevant tags so that it can show up when users search for those tags
  • The tags works similar to keywords but as they are generated by humans who know the content of the website, they search results are much more accurate

Using SEO and social bookmarking together has helped a lot of people to generate a lot of traffic to their site and is a very popular option amongst people who want to try something different when compared to the regular SEO options for increasing the page ranking of their website.

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