Ongoing IT Support versus Ad-hoc Service: Which One Works Best?

When operating a business, all of your departments are important to your company’s function and success. This includes departments such as: sales, management, human resources, etc. However, one of the most important areas of your business is your IT department. After all, the IT professionals at your company keep your computers running efficiently and fast. Let’s face it, our IT functions are what keep our company moving ahead, because without our computers, our business would probably falter. In some instances, it is more advantageous to hire out your IT support and there are many competent companies available that can take care of your IT needs in a professional manner, without breaking the bank.


What Do IT Companies Do?

Many companies hire outside IT help because they do not want or need permanent IT employees onboard. In almost all cases, businesses need, at the very least, an IT company on standby for those times when IT problems arise. Regardless of how often you need an IT professional, it is prudent to have one on your speed dial so that you can contact them at any time.

Most IT companies provide two types of service: ongoing, managed support, and reactive or ad-hoc support. With an ad-hoc arrangement, it is the business’s responsibility to call the IT company for problems, regular maintenance and more. The company is available any time the business needs them, but it is the business customer who initiates the contact. This arrangement is usually offered to businesses that have only sporadic IT and computer needs.

With ongoing support, there is usually a contract, and the IT company will maintain and monitor your IT infrastructure on its own. With this arrangement, you will receive unlimited support and you can contact them in between visits if something unexpectedly happens.

When deciding on which arrangement you need, it is best to first determine how often your computers run into problems on their own. If you rarely run into problems, an ad-hoc agreement will probably work best; however, if you have a large company and feel you will need ongoing support, the managed agreement is the one you should choose. Ongoing arrangements usually cost a specific amount each month, whereas most ad-hoc agreements are charged by the hour.

How to Find the Perfect IT Company

Business IT support in Sydney is not difficult to find, as there are numerous IT companies that are well qualified and can assist you in your IT needs. Regardless of the service you choose, the prices are reasonable, and most companies offer the option of receiving a free, no-obligation quote online. In addition, after you sign up for service, most of these companies offer a fast and efficient way to contact them should you need to, including a phone number, email address, and even online chat capabilities. Most of these companies have highly-qualified employees that stay abreast of the latest technology in their field, so you can rest assured that they will have the qualifications they need to correct any of your IT problems.

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