Oakley: Extreme Winter Sports

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of an adrenaline junky? Would you be brave enough to throw yourself into some of the world’s most extreme winter sports? Take a look at some of the most weird and wonderful winter sports happening across the globe. If you’re brave enough to give them a go then don’t forget your Oakley Sunglasses for some much needed protection against those blizzardy conditions.

La Tyrolienne, Zip wire, Val Thorens

This mega zip line is the new daredevil attraction that lies between the Val Thorens and Orelle ski resorts in France. The zip line allows you to soar at an altitude of 3,203 metres, flying above the snowy slopes at speeds of up to 100km per hour. The resort has described the zip wire as ’a route through the skies mimicking the journey of an eagle in flight.’ The zip line last for one minute and 45 seconds and at €50 per person, it works out as a pricey 1:45. However, this thrilling experience is said to be worth every penny!

Snow Kayaking

Snow kayaking has a slightly different approach to kayaking in a tropical ocean or across a serene lake. Replace the smooth waters for a slope of bumpy bashed up snow and picture flying across it in a kayak. Similar to sports such as sledging but with a paddle. With very few ski resorts allowing the sport this really is for the most daring of you out there. If you’re up for the challenge head over to Monarch Mountain in Colorado.

Shovel Racing

Shovel racing? A concept that would confuse the savviest amongst us. Well, there’s not much more to it than racing… on a shovel. But, how? Shovel racing consists of riders racing down a snowy slope sitting on a shovel. Shovel racing is a sport practised across parts of America and was invented in New Mexico in the 1970’s. Due to concerns over several high profile injuries there was a break within the sport. However, the annual Shovel Racing World Championships were reinstated in Angel Fire just five years ago with much stricter safety regulations. With the top speed of elite shovel racers reaching up to 70 miles per hour this sport definitely isn’t for the faint hearted!

Snow Biking

Snow biking is the latest trend to hit the snowy slopes this season, especially across North American resorts. So, how is snow biking different to normal biking? Despite the obvious factor of snow of course. The trick seems to be in the tyres. Add some insanely big tyres to your bike and there you have it, you have yourself a snow bike! With 5km of special trails and ‘Fat Boy’ snow bikes available for hire then Whitewater in BC, Canada is definitely the place to go.

Snow Kiting

Snow kiting is a winter sport in which people use kite power to glide across snow or ice. The concept of the sport is much like kite surfing- but on snow or ice instead of water. This sport doesn’t seem too exhilarating for the thrill seekers out there but the sport is becoming much more diverse as adventurers are using kites to travel great distances and sports enthusiasts are pushing the boundaries of freestyle, speed and exploration.

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing; basically the winter version of rock climbing, right? Not really! Despite being rock climbing’s winter counterpart it seems that the degree of difficulty is slightly higher when ice is involved. Ice climbing consists of the climbing of icefalls, frozen waterfalls and rock faces that are covered in sheer ice whilst protected by harnesses and ropes. There are many different methods and techniques that involve different equipment which aim to tackle the ice in the safest manner. It is advised that first time climbers should hire professional guides.

So if you’re looking to hit the snow this winter then why not try some of the most exhilarating experiences across the world’s ski resorts. You’ll need your winter warmers, your Oakley Glasses and nerves of steel.

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