NBA: The Most Competitive Basketball League In The World

There are hardly any person in the USA who does not enjoy watching NBA. NBA or National Basketball Association is the premier basketball league where thirty teams compete for the championship. It is regarded as the most watched basketball league and one of the most popular leagues in the world when comprising of all sporting events. Established in the year 1946, it gradually gained popularity which soared in the last two decades after globalization efforts.

NBA is counted among the four major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. With the world’s best paid sportsmen, it is also one of the most competitive leagues in the whole world. Though started in the year 1946, the league came into prominence after its merging with the rival National Basketball League. During the initial stages, the league was small and it was competed by eight franchises. Gradually the number of team increased which magnified the competition where every franchise looks to win the championship. The 1960s saw the dominance of Boston Celtics as the team won eight championships consecutively. In this decade the league expanded as well as it faced another external threat with the formation of American Basketball Association. Though it suffered with lower ratings in this period but it again came into prominence by introducing new competitive rules and formats. The rival league ceased in the year 1976, then the TV ratings improved with high attendance at the courts. During the 1990s the name of Micheal Jordan, David Robinson, Larry Bird, Utah Jazz and many more players made the league a thrilling competition. The extraordinary performance of the national team also boosted the popularity of the league.

In the modern era, the competition became more open where no team could not dominate in the competition. But till date, Boston Celtics remain the most successful team in the competition as they won the competition a record number of 17 times. Los Angeles Lakers is the second most successful team which have won the competition 15 times among which the last five wins coming in this century. One of the major reasons why the competition among the teams increased in the recent times is due to the changes in the playoff format. This playoff comprising of best of seven format played between the winners of Eastern Conference and Western Conference which was earlier known as divisions. Played in home and away format, it generates much hype and attraction throughout the country. According to the latest statistics, the eastern conference team leads in the series winning 38 times against 31 victories for the western division. Till date, 26 teams have won the league. The winner receives the Larry O Brien Championship Trophy, named after the commissioner Larry O Brien who served from 1975 to 1983.

The intense rivalry between the teams, dedicated and skilled players in every team, the excellent ambiance and massive coverage by all forms of media make it one of the most entertaining league in the world. In the coming seasons, the popularity as well as the competition between the teams is expected to increase and enthrall all the fans.

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