More Ways to Find Money Fast (Spoiler: It’s Not All Money)

We’ve all been in the situation when money was tight and called for a quick-fix. Financial burdens can quickly take control and overwhelm us, leaving us desperate to find money quickly and conveniently. And if that weren’t difficult enough of a feat, adding to that the challenge of maintaining financial control, it might seem impossible to find money fast.

With technology today, it has become much easier to get a hold of needed cash. Loan companies are available online, quick transfers of funds can happen with just a few clicks, and now technology is even aiding in the discovery of new currencies. With all of the possible means for obtaining needed cash, having options allows us to get a hold of the money we need—when we need it.


Tried and true, a traditional and quick way to get the cash you need is through a short-term loan. There are several types of loans, so it is important to know the basic distinctions between them before you borrow.

  • Payday Loans. After a quick approval process, lenders will deposit money into your checking account, and then deduct the borrowed amount when your paycheck arrives.
  • Title Loans. Depending on the lender (i.e., your car’s title is traded as collateral for a lump sum of money (determined by the value of your car). Most companies allow you to keep your car while in repayment, making it more convenient.
  • Small Business Loans. For the entrepreneur, this loan allows you to begin a business venture out of the red. Typically a short or medium-term loan, you can start running a business focusing on the bigger picture.


Aside from the fact that we really don’t know about the origin or creator of BitCoin, the virtual currency continues to gain momentum as a popular source of means for monetary transactions (whether or not it lasts, however, remains up for debate). Labeled as “virtual currency,” BitCoin actually exists “as entries in a giant ledger, the ‘blockchain’, which contains the transaction history for every Bitcoin in circulation. It is kept up to date with the help of cryptography and copious computing power, provided by a global network of tens of thousands of computers.”

Though it might not last much longer as a currency (especially since it was never really thought of as a tangible source of payment), this is an innovation to the way transactions are handled and stored. What could make this a successful entity is how it creates ownership in products and goods.

Instant Transfers

Slightly less risky than a virtual currency, online transfers (i.e. PayPal) allow you to transfer money to another party—sometimes directly to their bank account. This is a secure way to get money to someone without any time lag (that is, once you have accounts set up and connected). The main goal for this type of money transfer is to cut out the middleman, making money transactions more direct and more convenient.

In moments of urgency and struggle, it might seem like there are no possibilities to get the money you need. However, thanks to technology, getting money is much easier than it has been in the past. It continues to improve (in most respects) to make it easier to meet the needs of the ever-changing world.

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