Mistakes That Homeowners Make When It Gets To Winter

When it comes to the shorter and much shorter darker days, you mustn’t avoid the basic chores that you do outside. It is easy to go into hibernation and forget about the garden until it gets to the summer months. 

There are a lot of things that you should be doing and neglecting your garden is not one of them, especially in the winter. Here is a short guide to help you with what you can do to prepare for the winter. 

Fallen Leaves and Their Remains

Autumn is now in full flow which means that there will be leaves lying around your garden. Although this is a job that can wait until the back end of the season, we recommend that you do a little raking at this point of the year. We only suggest this because it makes your job a little bit easier before winter does kick. 

If you have a lawn in your back garden, you must get rid of those leaves before they cause any damage. Leaves can cause mildew growth which can kill that beautiful green grass that you have. Your lawn will lose a little colour when it gets colder. However, make sure that those leaves don’t kill any of them. 

Stacking Firewood Near Your Home

Many homes will have a log burner these days instead of using central heating to keep the house warm. It is becoming more common these days to have a log burner instead of an actual fireplace. To be honest, they look much better than an electric fire as well. Not only does it make your house cosy on the inside but, it also makes it a pleasant home for outdoor critters. 

If you are going to store your wood for your log burner. Make sure that it is not too close to your house. But it is inside a little shed that is at the bottom of your garden. Keep it well away from your outside walls, doors and windows. It will become a habitable place for those creepy-crawlies. Make sure that you keep it slightly elevated off the ground as well. Another thing to mention is that you make sure you check the wood. Make sure you don’t bring any unwanted critters into the house. 

Cover Your Outdoor Taps and Pipes 

You want to make sure that you do full maintenance. You cannot neglect your outside taps and pipes as they can freeze or burst. If you haven’t already, place some plastic casing around your pipework. Make sure that you wrap the pipework in insulation as well. Outdoor faucets cannot be neglected in the winter months either. Buy yourself a cover for the outside tap to stop cold air from getting into the pipework. The last thing you want is your pipes to be freezing and causing a flood in your home. 

Natural Heat

Your gas and electric bills go up quite a bit when it comes to the winter months. Your lights are going to be on a lot longer during the day. Not to mention the heating will be on for much longer as well. Make use of the natural light when it is out. Another thing to mention, the sunlight can give you a little bit of heat during the winter. Something that you need when it comes to those cold, wintery nights. 

Humidify Inside

During the summer months, many people in England will say “It’s humid today” instead of “it’s hot”. Funnily enough, there is a bit of science behind it all. Damp air makes us feel hotter than it is. This happens in the winter as well. It will eliminate dry air that causes dry skin, flaky skin, soothe aching throats and sensitive nasal passages, and decrease static. It can also prevent damage in your homes, such as dampness on the walls and damaging wood and furnishings that you have indoors. 

De-Icing Your Car

We are all guilty of throwing boiling water onto the windshield in the morning if we are in a rush. However, the quick temperature change can cause the windshield to crack or even shatter. If you are running late then take your time to de-ice your car with an ice-scraper. Many stores sell de-icing sprays now, so use that to get rid of the morning frost. Alcohol is another quick option to go to in the morning. You could also order a windshield cover online if you wish. Either way, do not throw boiling water onto your windshield. 


There are many mistakes that we all make during the winter months. These are some of the most common that we are all guilty of, especially the car in the morning. You must not neglect the simple maintenance tasks in the winter as they can be costly. 

One thing that you have got to do during the winter is to make sure that your pipes are wrapped in insulation. As mentioned earlier, the reason why you do this is so they do not freeze. This includes pipes indoors and outdoors. Do all of these tips and tricks and you will be well prepared. Another thing to mention is that you should get a specialist cleaning service to clean your flags and concrete slabs. The reason why we suggest this is because the moss and dirt can make the ground extremely slippy.

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