Making Facebook Your Swiss Army Social Media Marketing Tool

Social networking platform Facebook isn’t just about keeping a tab on friends and sharing pictures and thoughts. If you have a certain goal in mind and are determined to achieve it, Facebook can be used as a highly effective advertising tool. In this cut-throat competition, it is essential to reach out to prospective customers and obtain their feedback. According to statistics, Facebook has over 485 million active users. If this resource is rightly tapped, it can take your company to new heights. Creating a business page is an amazing way of connecting with consumers. However, if the right approach isn’t followed, it will be of no use.

Facebook and Business

Not many are aware of the fact that Facebook can help their business. It is beyond doubt that the kind of reach that this social network offers cannot be achieved through any other marketing channel. Here are 10 ways in which you can use Facebook as an advertising tool and enhance your penetration level across the globe.

  • Start a fan page or group for your business or product. Unless your company is pretty famous, creating a group would be an appropriate choice.
  • Add information about your company making extensive use of web links that direct to your website.
  • Post upcoming events including seminars, webinars, discussions, contests, etc. on the page so that more people get to know about the company and the products it offers.
  • Update the page regularly to ensure that the information isn’t old and invalid.
  • Joining a network can be of great help. You can join industry related groups and connect with like-minded people of the same field. Remember, doing successful business requires making quick contacts.

Making Facebook Your Swiss Army Social Media Marketing Tool

  • Start a poll or survey on the page to know the preferences of the audience. This will enable you to make consumer-centric products.
  • Buy Facebook advertisements to lure your target audience.
  • Market your products on the page by offering discounts and exciting offers.
  • Likes on your page represent your company’s reputation. When you buy Facebook likes, you not only attract new customers, clients or investors but also develop higher reputation in the market.
  • In case of a new start-up, you might consider giving free goodies. The trend of redeemable coupon codes is catching up and has so far delivered mind-boggling results.

Creating a Facebook Page

In order to taste success on Facebook, you need to have an attractive business page. So, how do you create a Facebook Page?

  • Select a category and an appropriate name that relates to your business.
  • Pick an image or logo of the company and set it as the display pic.
  • Briefly describe your business so that people understand what you deal with.
  • Set a web address for the page that is easy to remember. This link will appear on your promotional materials too. You wouldn’t want your prospective customers to have a hard time remembering it, would you?
  • Make sure you set a very attractive cover picture that showcases your brand. It is this pic that will be first seen by Facebook users.

Getting Likes on Your Page

It can be extremely difficult to get likes on your Facebook Page initially unless your company is very famous. One way to overcome this difficulty is to buy Facebook likes. An increase in the number of likes on your Facebook page is likely to boost your business prospects. In fact, it can cause an increase in page activity by up to 20%. Besides this, when you buy Facebook likes you can choose the target audience based on parameters such as age, gender and location.

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