Make Your Hotel Stand Out with Beautiful Linens

Whether you only recently opened your beautiful new hotel or think it may be time to upgrade the one you already own and manage, great linens make a big difference in the way guests interpret their experience there. Great service is the reason a person will come back for a second stay, but great ambiance as well as care for comfort and sanitation will ensure they come through the door and stay through the night. With any establishment, looks, functionality, reputation, and customer care all play large roles in the way a business is taken seriously by guests.

Bed linens, great uniforms, and more are some of the more basic elements of a hotel’s daily operations, and these will not only reduce monthly costs, they will also provide a more sanitary and traditional experience. Linens that are crisp, bright, and freshly cleaned every single day will ensure you get the maximum profit from each day of operation, and keeping the beds dressed and ready is a simple task. Your staff will be grateful for the simplified clean up, and your guests will find that you appear more professional.


Linens for napkins and tablecloths protect guests from the bacteria that often grows on table surfaces in hotels with built-in restaurants, especially on surfaces where food and sweet liquids such as wine or carbonated beverages frequently touch the surface. Cloth table linens provide a layer of protection from this, and a reliable linen service will ensure every linen is spotless, clean, and ready for use. After a party is finished with their meal and ready to leave, the entire table can be cleaned off and then set up with fresh linens untouched by human hands until that moment, effectively reducing the chances of bacteria spreading from one party to those who follow.


Great hotels provide beautiful, high quality linens to increase comfort when using the bed or bathroom linens. Beautiful towels that are well-pressed, cleaned to perfection, and then attractively folded add to the guest’s positive experience of your hotel and make it far easier for you to build a strong reputation for great service. If you were to use just any towels available, this could not always be the case, especially due to the fact inferior towels and sheets tend to rip, fray, and otherwise deteriorate with long term use and frequent washing, two things that go hand in hand with a hotel business.

Ease of Cleaning

Some hotels do not fully switch to linen supplies simply because they hold to the misconception that linen services are not as cost-effective as using paper products. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Stalbridge Linen Services not only provide you with fresh, crisp linens every single day, your monthly expenses will also significantly decrease. With paper goods, there is no way to control how much each guest will use, and one linen can often do the work of a dozen or more paper napkins.

In addition, you will significantly reduce your waste at the end of the day, which is much better for the environment all around. All paper products are single use, meaning they add to landfills and tree consumption constantly, and you must continuously restock such items by purchasing more as you run low. However, linens never run out since they can simply be washed, pressed, and then returned by a reliable and reputable linen service dedicated to not only saving time and water, but to also providing you with a great and cost-effective experience.


Linens add a certain level of professionalism that can be seen and felt the moment guests first walk into the establishment, which will cause a positive trend in your profit. After all, linens provide a better experience, are attractive, can be chosen in a number of colours and styles, and provide many benefits. You will appear as if you are concerned about the care received by your guests, and they will build a positive impression of your hotel before they even arrive at their room.


Traditionally, table and bed linens are white, but you may choose from a number of colours to suit the theme and style of your unique hotel. For example, you could choose a colour to compliment the interior décor, to match the colours of your staff uniform, or you could do it to create a certain type of atmosphere. No matter the reason, you have more choices than you realise, which will make transitioning to linens even more exciting if this is your first time considering the option.


The same professional companies that offer you reliable and attractive table linens also provide uniforms for your many professional staff members. These uniforms are created with specially woven fabric designed to reduce bacterial growth, keep employees clean and comfortable, reduce the discomfort of constant motion or long hours standing, and provide maximum mobility for quick service. Not only will your team look amazing and add to the great atmosphere of your hotel, they will also appear more cohesive with your brand and improve the overall impression for guests.

In addition, great uniforms pull employees together, giving them a sense of unity that will improve their performance on multiple levels. You can choose from a wide range of options designed to make your staff look and feel great while offering a host of specialised benefits unique to this type of uniform material. In addition to providing uniforms, you may also have them regularly washed and made ready by an expert team dedicated to providing professional results every single time.

The Wash

The right companies never tie you down with an unfair contract or force you to adhere to their strict scheduling for linen pickup and return. You can work with professionals to design a specific wash schedule that will ensure you never find yourself without the linens you need as well as keep your monthly costs low. You will love the results, your guests are more likely to return, and you will save significant amounts of money by switching from paper products.

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