Love Playing First Person Shooter Game! Play Overwatch To Experience All Thrills Of The Battleground

If you are interested in playing shooting games and have a special liking for first person shooter games, then you will surely love what the upcoming action packed Overwatch game has to offer. The beta version of Overwatch has rolled out to select gamers in North America from 27th October 2015. If you take a look at the beta version of the game, then you will find that Blizzard Entertainment is on the right track for its first ever team based FPS game.

The Main Plot

Overwatch is a game that is set in the near future earth. The Ominic crisis has put the entire world under the risk of the Ominic robots. In order to save the earth and the threat to the humanity, a special international task force called Overwatch was formed. The special heroes joined together to end the Ominic crisis and to restore peace in the war struck world. The Overwatch force was able to maintain peace for a few decades. Later, there were accusations of sedition and corruption scandals about Overwatch and finally there was an attack on the Overwatch headquarters that led to death of its leader Jack Morison. This event led to the disbanding of the peacekeeping force. Despite Overwatch being disbanded, the world is still in need of its heroes.

Squad Based Combat

This game is based on the squad based combat that will feature two strong teams of six players each pitted against each other. As a player, you will get the option of choosing one character from the unique lineup of heroes. Each of these heroes will be having special abilities and also role classes. The players will have to master the abilities of the characters that they choose in order to know their true potential. The best part of this game is that players will get the option to switch between the characters in their group once their main character dies.

Choose Any Role

You have the option to choose from four different roles: support, offense, defense and tank. Each one has its own specific abilities. If you opt for the offense role, your characters will be powerful when it comes to speed and attack, but will poor on defense. The support characters will be offering debuffs or buffs for their enemies or allies and tank role means you will have a large amount of hit points and armors to fight against your enemy attacks. The defense role characters will try to choke up the enemies.

Two Game Modes

There are two team-based game modes offered in Overwatch.

  • Point Capture: Here, two teams will be battling against each other, one on the offense and the other in the defense. The attacker will be fighting to capture all important objectives and the defending team will try to stop them until the time runs out.
  • Payload: The payload has to be moved by the attacking team to its delivery point and the defenders will look to prevent them from reaching the delivery point.

My Impression

Overwatch, the first FPS game from Blizzard is an impressive one. It offers the best comprehensive tutorials that you will find in any of the FPS games. This will help both new players and casual FPS gamers get enough knowledge about the game right from the basic movement to the shooting. The game comes with the class based gameplay and this is where it differs from other similar games. The game will give you information about the current team make up in a chosen class and suggest you with the changes you need to make, according to your class. It will take some time for you to get to know the mannerisms and the faces of the new characters in the Overwatch game.

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