Locating A Good True-Blue Procurement And Shipping Agent In China

While importing from China, there are many business firms that are in need of a helping hand and this is when the role played by a shipping agent in China or a sourcing agent becomes noteworthy. He, she or the company that acts as your worthy shipping agent will prove to be your best aide and ally on the front line with China. However, this is not a protected professional title and hence anyone can call himself a purchasing or a shipping agent. If you don’t cross-check and make an informed and measured decision, you might end up working with someone who will drain your pockets through commissions instead of offering you free service. The concerns of this article will deal with the ways in which you can choose a true-blue shipping agent in China.

Who is a Shipping Agent and why do you Need One?

A purchasing agent or a shipping agent is a person employed by a company who works as a freelancer, thereby helping companies overseas to import products and goods from China. Although a shipping agent China isn’t a requirement while importing from China, a good shipping agent can certainly be a valuable asset throughout the entire product procurement strategy. If you’re not sure about the ways in which a China shipping agent may help you out, here are some of them:

  • Audit current suppliers
  • Locate new suppliers and products
  • Manage and handle draft agreements and negotiations
  • Manage shipping and logistics
  • Carry out quality control and factory inspections

Locating A Good True-Blue Procurement And Shipping Agent In China

It is indeed a time-consuming and intimidating task to deal with Chinese suppliers and finding the right and the best one is even more tough a job. You actually need to implement an effective strategy to weed out the bad suppliers and choose the qualified ones. Locating the right supplier needs a certain amount of knowledge on the product and all this is possible only when you have the assistance of a shipping agent by your side.

Easy Imex Shanghai – Purchasing Goods through them

Irrespective of the fact that you’ve contacted suppliers in China on your own or they have sourced products for you in the house, the process of purchasing products from factories in China is all handled and managed by EASY IMEX. So, if you’re looking to get help from an EASY IMEX shipping agent in China, you can be sure to locate many of them. Before the shipping agents make payments to different factories, they require checking the credentials so that they don’t work with illegitimate companies. All such tasks of cross-checking are done by your shipping agent and this will certainly benefit you in more ways than one.

Being Aware of Kickbacks

There are some shipping agents who are pretty infamous for getting kickbacks from different suppliers. A kickback is usually a commission that is offered by a supplier to a purchasing agent for creating an incentive. Kickbacks can well be termed as bribes and they can screw up an entire business. Hence you should be aware to avoid such illegal transactions.

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