Legal Funding and Disability Benefits

Legal funding, sometimes perceived to be a lawsuit loan, has emerged to be of great importance for clients who are financially needy and struggling to make ends meet as they wait for the pending litigation to be resolved. Legal funding is not a loan. If you are in need of legal funding legal funding in California, make sure verify who the company is, any interest rates they have & typical pay-off dates before accepting a cash advance.

The process of getting Legal Funding

  • The plaintiff contacts a legal funding company for cash advance
  • The firm will be required to provide specific case information
  • After the case’s details have been received, the case is reviewed by an underwriter who determines the viability of funding
  • If approved, an agreement is drafted and sent to the plaintiff and their attorney
  • The funds are then transferred to their account
  • Upon settlement of the case, the law firm will have a duty to request a payoff as per the agreement and pay back funds from their trust fund on behalf of the plaintiff.

Importance of legal funding

  • It lets the case takes its full course
  • The plaintiff’s financial needs are met
  • The attorneys can concentrate on a case without having to worry about delayed payments.

Disability benefits are benefits that any disabled individual can access e.g., the Social Security Disability [SSD/ SSDI] and Supplemental Security Income [SSI]. These two are different in terms of the eligibility requirements and how they are viewed when it comes to settlement.

Social Security Disability [SSD/SSDI] benefits are only available to disabled individuals who have worked and contributed to Social Security Trust fund via FICA tax. Some individuals can also receive the benefit if their spouses or parents contributed to Social Security. It is considered an “entitlement benefit”.

Supplemental Security Income [SSI] on the other hand is a federally funded supplemental income program that provides financial assistance to low-income, blind, and aged individuals. It is considered a “needs- based” government benefit. SSI and Lawsuit loans cannot affect a personal injury settlement.

How do you meet the earning requirements for disability benefits?

  • Through a “recent work” test based on your age and the time you became disabled
  • Through a “duration of work” test to show worked a long enough under Social Security

How can you apply for disability benefit?

There are two ways that you can apply for the disability benefits. They include;

  • You can apply online at
  • Call them to make an appointment to file a disability claim at your local Social Security office.

Who can decide if you are disabled?

Your application form will be reviewed to meet the basic requirements for disability benefits. The officials will check if you worked enough years to qualify. Your current work activities will also be evaluated. The doctors or specialists in the state agency will ask your doctor about your condition. They will use the medical evidence from your doctors and make a decision.

Can your family get the benefits?

Certain members of your family can get the benefits. They include;

  • Your spouse if he/she is over 60 years
  • Your spouse of any age if he/she is caring for your child who is 16 years and below
  • Your unmarried child who is below 19 years.

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