Leagues Of Legends Is One Of The Top Games

League of Legends is one of the first free-to-play games. You can buy accounts from the smurfstore. It was one of the first big multilayer online battle arenas. It has been quite a time since it was launched. Still the game is an example of excellence.

Why Is It Still An Excellent Game?

There are a great variety of champions. There are rewarding progression systems. The game boasts of a strategic team play. This is amazing. It provides a competitive environment to the players. It is a sort of addictiveness. Riot Games updates its users frequently. They have created a very lively gaming community that ever existed in the world. The main attraction is the five-on-five matches on the staple three-lane map. The map is dubbed as Summoner’s Rift. It is a brightly and colorfully designed map. And also it creates a distinct playstyle with the way its dense brush allows one to conceal one’s self to surprise enemies.

Critical Reception Of The League of Legends

In 2009 the IGN awarded League of Legends 8 out of 10 numbers. It highlighted that the game has an enjoyable design, lively visuals and inventive champion design having good customization options. But the confusing launch of the game was highly criticized. Critics felt that its title was released too soon. Some of the features were missing. Some of them were to be removed. The reviewers also noted that high level players didn’t have patience for the new entrants. The reviewers also suggested that matching players of similar level together could resolve the problem. At that time matchmaking was not included in the game plan.

Do You Know When Will Season 8 Start of League of Legends?

That’s a moment which is awaited by adults as well as teenagers. They discuss updates, characters, strategies and battles. This new season is like a new breath. It is long awaited. It is going to start in January, 2018.

What To Do Before the Season Arrives?

It is very much important that you prepare yourself for the next season. You need to learn to be able to face the fails. You have to reconsider your strong as well as weak points. You need to accept what you did wrong in the past season and then move on to learn from that lesson. And if you do that sincerely, the next season is going to bring pleasure and wins for you.

What Do You Expect From This New Season?

Before the start of a new season, there are plenty of things to think about. Players are getting ready for the start. What actually is the success story of the league of legends? The game never fails to improve and provide users a fantastic experience. The game is meant to be refreshed and renewed so that players get deeper and clearer gaming process. They have been preparing for new fights, battles. Some of them will fail and some of them will grab a tremendous victory.

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