Know How Aptitude and Expertise in Business Can Make A Difference

Working in an industry for a long time does not just help you learn more about that business but also help you learn every little thing about the business that even schools would not be able to teach. That practical experience of the world and the knowledge of real world is what make successful people different from others.

Know How Aptitude and Expertise in Business Can Make A Difference

While many people might be continuing to work in a said position, many others would continue to grow in their position. So much so would they grow, that they would even think of doing work as entrepreneurs or as business heads themselves? This is what makes people like Patrick Imbardelli successful as managers and directors to an entrepreneur himself. He began as everyone else from the scratch learning about the hotel industry that held a lot of promise and that was actually very profitable. He worked across various countries in the positions of General Manager and slowly went up the ladder to become the Group Director Marketing and CEO of Southern Pacific Hotels Corporation before he moved to other major names in the business. His experience in InterContinental Hotels, Hilton, and Pan Pacific Hotels, made his knowledge grow vast and also helped him become an entrepreneur.

Patrick Imbardelli has done his Masters of Science in Finance from City University of New York in 2009. He has been a part of several programs and he has used his leadership skills to the lees. Today, he has been accredited for major turnarounds he gave the companies that he was leading. So, it is the turnaround or the big hike that he gave to Pan Pacific Hotels or made them expand to not just the USA or in Europe but also in places like China. This kind of game changing situations occurs only when the game changer is someone as knowledgeable like Mr. Imbardelli.

Patrick Imbardelli has over thirty years of valuable experience in this field and he has even not just got personal awards but has also helped in fetching some felicitation or the others too. Talking of his accolades, he has been the proud recipient of various recognitions like Hotelier of the Year-Asia Pacific awarded by Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels, in 2006. He had also been felicitated for his work related to expanding hotel business across several Asian countries. This was the “Excellence for Service” for Foreign Investments in Developing Countries Award that was given to him by the American Chamber of Service (AmCham) and Kotak, Hong Kong, Greater China on February 1993.

When it comes to his current position where he is dealing with the private investments and offering consulting or advisory business strategies to businesses, one has to admit the fact that he is doing great here too. As the President of Imbardelli Holdings Limited, he has helped several top-notch investors who are always interested in investing in big names. Similarly, he also makes sure that his investment and business related advises always help industrial and economic growth in a major way.

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