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Starting and running your own business is a tricky task and managing to do so successfully is definitely not within every aspiring entrepreneur’s capability. This is why only a handful of entrepreneurs end up being successful, whilst the rest struggle to maintain their reputation within their chosen industry.

On careful observation you will find that the major difference between the two is their approach towards managing situations and making decisions. This is possible when you consider a few important aspects right at the start of your business.

Discussed below are some of the essential aspects that every entrepreneur aiming to start a removals business should keep in mind:

Clarity about your services:

To begin with, you must have a clear idea about what are you offering to your audience. Does it satisfy the needs of the masses or a specific set of your target audience? Next, you should be clear about whether or not you have options like self-load, home removals or if you are focussing strictly on commercial removals along with packing and storing.

Having clear answers for these questions will help you to take appropriate decisions on which orders you must take and which you should refuse. This will help you avoid unnecessary confusion on which particular client you should reach out to enhance your business.

Specific Range:

There are businesses which offer removal services overseas while others provide only to certain limited cities around the country. It is your decision to determine how far you can expand your reach – within London city, across UK, in neighbouring countries or all round the globe.

It is necessary to take into consideration important facts for example, when you offer services overseas you need sufficient resources to meet your client’s requirements. As a start-up this could be tricky but you can definitely reach this stage once you have had relevant industry experience. Pricing also differs according to your destination services.

Budget Constraints:

You definitely must have a stipulated sum in hand when you start your business. But, this amount will continue to whittle down as you invest in varied business essentials like van, lorry, tools, packing materials, organisation fees, promotion costs, etc.

There might be a possibility that six months down the line you may need additional finance to support your further expenses. Besides, you will need physical support to carry boxes from one destination to another. Plus, you need to hire a workforce to manage timely payments, finance and allied responsibilities for your organisation as well.


If the delivery ends up being delayed, it will likely affect your reputation in the industry negatively. In order to avoid such instances, it is necessary to maintain your trucks and vans with wheel nut safety, timely cleaning and necessary accessories. You can get in touch with a reliable company for this purpose as they can provide you with timely maintenance, which is essential for your commercial vehicles.

Apart from this, it is imperative to hire skilled drivers who possess basic mechanical knowledge. This can be beneficial to you during crucial situations. A responsible driver is less likely to break driving regulations.

On your part, you can also insure your drivers and vehicles to provide cover for you during an unanticipated problem.


Before you actually start your business make sure that you are well-acquainted with the necessary certifications. This way, you will have all the necessary certificates in place before you kick-start your business.

You also need to certify your commercial vehicles. A special certification is required for driving commercial vehicles on national highways, so make sure that you have that before taking on a project.

The same applies for driving a commercial vehicle on an international route. This way, you do not have to be denied of international opportunities due to the absence of necessary certification.

Check Your Contemporaries:

Research is one of the key aspects of running any organisation in any niche. You need to research about functioning, nature, budget, process and requirements of the business. But apart from these you also need to keep an eye out on your contemporaries.

It is necessary to keep a tab on your own activities but it is equally important to note what your contemporaries do. A constant review on their activities and yours will help you determine your future goals and strategies.

This also helps you to design your pricing strategy effectively so that you offer services that provide a significant profit margin.


There are chances that when you have just marked your first step in the industry, people may not recognise or trust your services. An effective yet brilliant way to build a good reputation and gain clients is to sponsor an event or be a part of one.

You can take part in trade shows that are organised in your city. If you have adequate resources, you can sponsor an event that probably has the same target audience as yours. This way, you can reach out to your audience faster.

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