Kayaking: An Environmentally Friendly Way To Fish

The kayak has been a form of transportation for the indigenous people of the Arctic region who used the boats to hunt on lakes, rivers, and coastal waters of the Arctic Ocean. This form of fishing allows for a high degree of stealth when approaching fish that are easily spooked.

Modern uses of the kayak

In recent years, fishing from kayaks has become popular in both freshwater and oceans, especially in warmer regions. This kind of boat is inexpensive to buy and is very low maintenance, making it a popular choice for many anglers. Kayak fishing has other advantages, namely the craft can be stored easily and launched quickly.

Customised solutions

Kayaks are easily transported, and there are customised trailers available to suit every type of boat. The kayaks themselves are designed more specifically for fishing, with cooler boxes, running lights, and rod holders built in. A kayak designed for fishing is usually a little wider than the regular kayak, which adds stability. This allows the angler to stand up in the boat, which helps with casting. This type of kayak also provides extra space in the hull for storing extra rods, fishing equipment, anchors and a set of wheels to tow the boat out of the water.

Light and durable

Kayaks are usually made from polyethylene, which is both strong and light. Some kayaks are inflatable, but this is not preferred for fishing, as the boat can be easily punctured by lures. The ideal design for a fishing kayak offers stability and comfort, essential for long sessions in the water.

Fishing techniques

In recent years people have begun to use kayaks for fly-fishing and by adding upright braces, the angler can safely stand and fish for long periods with relative stability. Although a kayak is a small craft, with the right customisation, the angler can carry everything they need for a successful fishing trip. Technology has found its way into this type of fishing with many people using fish finders in their kayaks. Game fishing is also popular with kayak anglers who target such species as halibut, cod, tuna, sailfish, king mackerel, and even marlin. Soft baiting is also becoming popular among kayak anglers, as it eliminates the need to bring messy live baits on board the kayak.

Big game fishing

A novel approach to big game fishing is the use of kayaks that are launched far out to sea from a powerboat, allowing the angler to experience the thrill of being towed through the water while playing the fish.

Eco friendly and fun to use

A kayak is an eco-friendly watercraft, something that adds to its popularity. Not only that, it provides the angler with exercise and is generally more enjoyable to fish from. This innovative boat design has come a long way since the Inuit people first constructed them from animal skins, with more and more anglers turning to this type of craft for all kinds of fishing. So, if you fish regularly, why not invest in a kayak and enhance your angling experience.

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