Just Cause 3 (Game Review)

Being a game from Avalanche Studios and a successor to Just Cause 2, it has excellent display optimization options, some of which even we are unsure about. The key rebinding options are excellent and can be changed to your personal preference. We are talking about the PC version, of course, and this review does not cover the console ones.

The first thing that you are impressed by is the graphical fidelity. It is just mind blowing and although some people will have you believe that it isn’t much of a step up from Just Cause 2, we think they need to compare it side by side. However, we were irked by the logging times of their always online feature which were unjustified for a glorified asymmetrical leader board updates system.

The world is full of army bases, little towns, settlements, and Cities, after all they are telling you the story of a Banana Republic ruled by a dictator, so that is nothing out of the ordinary. In the general story line you have to undertake missions to liberate towns and cities. Some of the towns take just minutes to be liberated; as all you have to do is to destroy a couple of things (chaos objects) and raise the flag, but the cities are another story altogether and need proper ground work. This can become a bit tedious when you cannot find the last chaos object that you need to raise the flag.

The game mechanics features an excellent cause and effect system. The parachute and grappling hook combination is neat and can satisfy the need for action, for even the most adrenalin seeking fans. But when used as a weapon, although creative and interesting, it does take a bit of time to set up, and that is time that you do not usually have, while taking over a military base. Regardless, the game features some really cool ways to, well, simply said, blow things up. The application of physics has just the right bit of reality mixed with outright impossible outcomes to give your brain the thrill and adventure that it seeks. However, here is the catch; all the blowing up can get a bit repetitive at times.

The overall gameplay is intense and you tend to lose yourself in the heat of things. This is something that they have kept from Just Cause 2. The smaller settlements have pretty much the same sort of cars, fuel tanks, statues, etc. to blow up, but they also have missions in which you have to disable alarms, in limited time periods and in a specific order. The military bases are, without doubt, much more complex and hence make for good content. Plus, if you want to get access to the really cool stuff and blow up things even more, then doing the challenges that pop up are essential, as they give you access to new mod gears. Just Cause 3 can be purchased from g2a.com, currently it’s price is $37, it’s a bit expensive but by using g2a discount code from Rebates zone, you can save money.

So, what is our conclusion? We would give it a score of 7/10, mainly due to its high graphical fidelity,a super cool cause and effect system which makes blowing things up fun, and the vast nature of its open world. We believe it had great potential which was partially marred due to a lacking storyline and some bugs. All in all, it is a good game to play if you like to blow things up.

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