Juggling For Soccer

Juggling is a perfect skill that makes every soccer player complete. Juggling gives perfect control of the ball in the air by hitting the ball with feet, thighs, shoulders or head, however, hands are not to be used in the process. Juggling may be a tough thing for a starter, but with practice and fundamental training. You can be a perfect juggler who can juggle for a long time at a stretch all it needs is dedication and complete focus. It is important to juggle as it improves the foot and ball coordination that brings in a lot of comfort for the soccer game. Juggling helps to control the ball in the air so that it becomes easy for you to control the same on the ground.

How To Juggle?

Juggling is fun. But getting in the right tactic and trick to make them can allow you to juggle efficiently. The first and foremost thing you can do is keeping the toe down with locked ankle, now place the ball and hit it upwards. Alternatively, drop the ball from your hands to the foot and hit it back to the hands. Repeat this as much as you can get used to it and then move to the next foot and repeat the same. Once you gain confidence, you shall toggle between the feet and juggle like a pro. Every act requires a lot of practice to reach perfection, juggling is no exception to it. You can start with 5 touches at once between a hand to feet which can then be progressed to 10 touches at once. Slowly you can control the ball without using your hands. Like this, you can juggle the ball with all the parts except hands, such as thighs, shoulders and head.

Restrictive Juggling

Once you pass the juggling using the legs in freestyle then juggling can then be performed by using restraints. Keeping the ball below the knees, using the feet to juggle at your waist level, and using the feet to juggle to the level of the head are a few restraining you can do for juggling. Juggling can be done by keeping the soccer ball below head level using the thighs. Then, the juggling can be more intense by raising the level of the ball above the head. This kind of juggling drill will help them to keep the touch and concentration to keep the ball in the air for a long time. Juggling without focus can keep the ball at haphazard height, it is important to maintain the height of the ball appropriately close to the target level. Every touch in the drill you make should be perfect, from the right region to the right level. The difficulty level of juggling can be increased by using a grid full of players. Competitive juggling can add fun and excitement to the game as you always have to keep the ball away from the ground and from the other players. Furthermore, a quick juggling can be a good warm up session.

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