Is Clash Of Clans Better Than Town Building Games?

There are different kinds of town building games. Online games can be accessed on a 24 x 7 basis and you will be able to participate in multi-player games which give you great pleasure and thrill. In order to play Clash of clans, you can download the game freely. The game is available on android as well as iOS platforms. In fact, there is no comparison between the clash of clans and other town building games. The game can be played in a more efficient way, by utilizing the existing resources in an efficient way.

How to make the most of Clash of Clans?

In order to make the most of clash of clans, you should go through the features. The extensive help can be utilized to understand the features. By taking the advice of expert players, you can earn good points. The team building skills can be developed and enhanced as you play the game, clash of clans. Games like clash of clanscan be played by various age groups. If you are very much interested in war related games and would be thrilled to participate in combat operations, clash of clans is the right option.

To move ahead of others in this game, you should procure as many gems as possible. By playing skillfully, you can acquire gems. Alternatively, you can buy gems with real world money as well. When you buy gems, it is possible to construct structures in an efficient manner. You will build stronghold, so that the weapons of warfare will be well protected. You can also have the right kind of weapons to attack enemies.

When you play in a multi-player environment, it is possible to play as a team. There will be a day of preparation and day of the attack. Each player will have two chances to hit enemies. By striking enemies stars will be obtained. The winner will emerge as per the total number of stars acquired by the team.

User-friendly Gaming Environment

Games like clash of clansoffer numerous options to move from one level to another level. You will not only survive the attacks, but will be able to gain control of the team in an efficient way. If the game is played in a pseudo-single player campaign, it is required to attack fortified global villages in an efficient way. The troops in the game are divided into 5 categories. The first three categories are called tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. The other categories are Dark Elixir Troops and Heroes. While soldiers are trained on barracks, heroes will be summoned by an altar. The heroes can be summoned only once.

In order to earn gold and elixir stores, gold mines and gold storage points are to be constructed. There will be elixir collectors and storage facilities as well. To train new troops, elixir is used. It can also be used to carry out laboratory research so that the troops can be upgraded. When there is an upgrade, it is possible to access number of buildings and there will be higher levels as well for existing buildings.

To defend the community, there are a number of buildings. Cannons, mortars, archer towers and wizard towers are used to be protected through strategic planning. Players will be able to build walls and those walls can be upgraded as you move from one level to another level. Clans will face each other and it is the major component of the game. Clan leaders can begin war against other clans. The preparation day and war day should be used by all clans efficiently.

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