Innovative Presents For Him

Are you having problems with what to give to the men in your life? Those special days arrive, and you are still thinking whether or not to buy him that sweater, or a t-shirt. Well, those gifts are kind of an old fashion. Here you will see some of the more creative gifts for him, whether it is your husband, brother, son or boyfriend.

The time flies before your eyes, and memories turn to grey and fade away. The only way to stop it is to make a copy of your favorite picture, and frame it in a leather or chrome frame. That way he will have a lasting memory of that special moment you two had spent together. A frame is usually inexpensive, and it won’t really shake your wallet. But, in some cases where a frame is a bit more expensive, think about the purpose, and you`ll see that love and memories have no price.

Innovative Presents For Him

When it comes to photos, consider making a private collection just for him. Find a close friend and ask him/her to take these photos of you. Have just enough clothes on to look as attractive as possible. This is something every man will adore, and it’s also very cheap.

Another very innovating thing is creating a coupon book. Now this one is all about your imagination. Coupons are hand-made, and can be for things such as “breakfast in bed”, or “get out of an argument”, or a “special movie day”, etc. So put your imagination to a good use, create as many coupons as you like and have them all printed or put within a small book. Make sure you don’t forget to include the beer one.

Speaking of beer, if he enjoys drinking, consider getting him personalized stubby coolers, for they are great at preserving the temperature of the drink, and are easy to carry around.

If he loves sports, get him a portable Ping-Pong set. It is around $40 and you can set it wherever you want and have infinite fun.

If your man loves photography, a camera-lens mug can be a great present for him. It is very inexpensive, and it almost looks real.

Another great thing is a work survival kit. This is not just any kit, but the most special survival kit any man will ever get. First of all, it is made by you and that makes it special already. Secondly, it will be packed with all the things he loves, and the things which will make his day better and better every time he reaches for the kit. So get creative, make him his favorite coffee, some homemade cookies, pack him the best sandwich you can make, and leave a note saying “This I just a beginning”. During lunch time, consider ordering him a pizza at work, and make sure that the delivery-person leaves him a private message. When he gets home, throw him a picnic inside the living room. Watch his emotions take over, and enjoy the moment of pure love.

This one can be considered a cliche, but it is actually a very difficult thing to do. It is a “100 reasons why I love you” thing, and as mentioned, it is very hard to make for several reasons, one being 100 things which you have to come up with. But if you decide to go for it, start slowly and try to write 100 different things, from different aspects and about different things. Include memories, quote, actions, and the look of his face at a certain moment. Afterwards print them and frame them. In order to make it even more special, read it out loud to him when the moment comes. Be flirtatious, and change your voice as you move from one paper to another in order to seduce him even more. After all, he is your man.

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