Improve Your Fitness With 3 Basic Exercises

If you want to improve your figure and your physical condition, there are two tasks that have to dedicate yourself: improve power, on one hand, and practice exercises on the other. In this text, we will work to review three of the most basic exercises but the most effective time, which can begin to take your routine, they all require discipline and a frequency of three to five times per week.

One of the best exercises you can practice, for many specialists, is simply the best-walk. This is an excellent exercise because it requires no special skills or equipment, and almost everyone can do it. Try to adopt a routine half hour to an hour of daily walking, always looking to maintain good posture and a steady pace, preferably faster than you usually do but without exaggerating too much speed.

With the simple habit of walking every day, not only improve your figure but will achieve benefits for blood pressure, heart rate, mental abilities and intestinal transit. So regardless of the exercises that you get to practice in your daily life, it is a good idea that you give yourself time to walk too. Just keep in mind to choose a safe route and preferably without large motorized traffic, and also buy two good and comfortable pair of slippers, to switch their use in day to day.

An interesting variation of the hike is the race. Being faster, it works pretty muscles and requires more physical strength. To optimize the effort and increase the benefits from this practice, try to watch your posture, relaxing but at the same time flexing your arms to about 90 degrees. Proper rolling movement of each arm (always from back to front) accompanies the opposite leg; ie, the left arm goes forward when the right leg goes forward, and the right arm forward when the left leg does the same.

Concerning hands should also be relaxed, and semi-closed. Finally, the legs and feet focus the most effort in a race, and it is recommended that we should train to make longer strides.

Contrary to what you might imagine, longer strides require less effort, thus further momentum employee will be better utilized. And of course, do not forget to have well-controlled breathing, making inspiration through the nose and expiration through the mouth.

The third exercise we will address in this text is the only one that requires special equipment, but has the advantage of being excellent for molding the shape and strengthens arms: cycling. To practice, of course you’ll need a bike, but also clothing and comfortable shoes, helmet, elbow pads and knee pads. Your practice period may be one who use to navigate to your source of work, ie, you can go to your office and back on the same bike, so you exercise, you save money and also you contribute to a cleaner city and less chaotic .

Among the recommendations that you should follow if they choose to practice cycling are: pedal evenly and constantly, keeping pace unchanged; learn the best way to hold the handle for each different situation and also release it whenever necessary, to free your hands when we want to drink water, for example; and finally, improve endurance, strength and fitness of your body to push yourself hill starts, trying to increase the speed gradually. If you master these principles, you will probably have full control over your bike when riding technique.

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