IFFA 2016: International Quality Competitions Preview

Each year the IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany, has grown to become an authoritative influence in the meat industry. As such, there are now hotly contested International Quality Competitions of the German Butchers’ Association. This is where participating butchers pit the quality and variety of their products against international competition. While the recognition and prizes are of course a factor in working hard to win categories, the competition actually serves an important tool for butchers to improve the quality of their products. Here are some of the categories expected at this year’s event.

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IFFA 2016: International Quality Competitions Preview

International Young Butcher

Europe’s young butchers compete here, with an internal jury that judges barbecue specialities and a main course using meat, along with ready-to-eat products. Butchers that have qualified for this segment will be showing off their skills in front of the German Butchers’ Association.

International Quality Competition for Products in Cans and Jars

Reflecting an increased demand in convenience products, this area follows the trend of people’s consumption habits by inviting IFFA Messe Frankfurt participants to showcase ready-made dishes including those that are presented in tins, jars, bags, and trays.

International Quality Competition for Sausage Products

One of the more traditional segments, butchers in this category can demonstrate skills in making a range of sausages and other meat products to a keen trade audience. A range of criteria make up the judging decision, including containers, appearance, colour, consistency, smell, and taste. These segments are usually well enjoyed by a range of people from enthusiasts to suppliers of machinery and equipment such as http://www.clarke-fussells.co.uk/.

Grand Award for the Best Sausage

Though sausages are popular fare around the world, German butchers are particularly well versed in creating well-loved sausages. It doesn’t just invite German butchers to compete though, with international applicants welcomed.

Butchers’ Classes Show their Skills

A place for students to display the high standards they have learned during their time training in the trade. Teams of students compete against each other in several categories including making canapes, and presenting a ready-to-cook dish.

International Quality Competition for Ham

A broad category, this is the chance for butchers to show off a spectrum of hand-crafted ham both raw and cooked. Butchers from all corners of the globe compete to be judged on criteria including finishing and container condition, appearance, colour, composition, smell, and taste.

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