Ideas For Improving The Visibility Of Amazon Product Listings

Online arbitrage has people around the globe competing to be the first product that people see on an Amazon search. With all of the competition, how can you be sure that your product makes it to the top? It is actually fairly easy. Follow these simple tips to improve your product’s visibility on Amazon.

Ideas For Improving The Visibility Of Amazon Product Listings

#1: Choosing a Detailed Name for Your Product

When you put an extra term in your product description, you are adding another term that people can search to see your product among the results. Include the name of the product, what it is, its color, and other important information that customer’s can relate to the item you are trying to sell.

However, remember not to add too much information to your product name. Leave out your seller name, shipping information, and other irrelevant terms. You should also avoid using extra capital letters- they are more annoying than attention-grabbing.

#2: Choose the Right Search Terms

On Amazon, you are permitted to use 250 characters for all of your keywords. Use as many relevant words as you can and separate them with commas. Remember to consider what terms your potential buyers may look up to search for your item. Also, the words in your title will already help you rank in a search, so try not to use the same words!

#3: Know What Customers Want to See

How likely is it that you are going to buy something online that you have never seen? For this reason, it is crucial that you provide an image for your customers. Just providing an image is not enough, however. You must choose an image that is clear and showcases the product in its best light. Additionally, you need to follow Amazon’s image policies very closely. Otherwise, it is likely that the image will be deleted and your post will be listed without a picture.

#4: Create an Awesome Product Description

Have you ever seen an awesome picture on Amazon, followed the link to the product, and found that there was no description provided for the item that was being sold? While customers could research the product information on the Internet, they shouldn’t have to. You are much more likely to get a sale if customers know what they are buying upfront.

It is not enough just to have a product description, however. Consider what customers want to know about the product and what questions they may want to be answered. As you write your description, make it as clear as you possibly can. If you use the product description area right, you can help peak interest in your product, answer questions, and convince the customer to purchase the item.

#5: Take Advantage of Social Media

Another way to make your items more visible on Amazon is to use social media. If you have Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, share your products with your friends. As the gain more popularity, they will be seen by more and more people.

#6: Create ListMania! Listings

The Listmania! list is a way for related products to be linked. This increases your visibility because it appears throughout Amazon search results for related items. While you cannot control where the list appears, it will lead to more product sales.

#7: Create Accessory Relationships

If you sell items in a certain niche, then creating accessory relationships can really boost your visibility. An accessory relationship allows a related item (an accessory) to appear on one of your other pages’ product descriptions. Not only does it improve your visibility, it can help boost your sales as well.

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