How YOU Can Go Vehicle-Free

With the world putting an ever-increasing amount of importance on going green and keeping our planet clean for upcoming generations, the pressure to cut back on emissions is beginning to weigh on the population. Unfortunately, options to cut back on driving are few and far between, depending on the area you live in and where you need to go. However, don’t lose hope just yet. For those of you who aren’t sure what options are out there, you may be surprised with what can work!

Bike it Out

One of the most common alternatives to driving is biking from place to place. Obviously this option is more suited for those short-distance drives that you commonly take. If you need to pick up a few things from the local grocery store or visit a friend, try adorning a backpack for carrying any needed items and hop on your bike. It may take a little longer than driving, but you will be saving the environment, avoiding traffic, and getting a little exercise. Remember to always wear a helmet!

Publicly Transport

Public transportation is a great alternative for people who live in a heavily populated area and want to go car-free. Public transportation can include traveling via bus, train, or subway. This can be a green alternative if a large amount of commuters are utilizing the public transportation system. If not, the gas used to operate these systems is just contributing to the pollution instead of eliminating it.

How YOU Can Go Vehicle-Free

Live Close

If you really want to take going vehicle-free to the extreme, this option is definitely a good one to consider, especially if you are abandoning your vehicle for financial reasons as well. Moving close to all the important locations in your life can help eliminate the use of a vehicle. If you are in walking distance to work, school, shopping, food, and any other much-needed commodity, you may not even notice your vehicle’s absence.

Go Electric

Buying an electric scooter or bike to replace your vehicle can be another alternative. These usually travel faster than a regular bike and require very little maintenance. This alternative to a regular bike is better for those who want to go vehicle-free to work, as you won’t sweat or need to take a shower after riding from one place to another. Because they are electric, you won’t also have to worry about buying gas or putting extra emissions into the air.

Share a Ride

If you want to make the transition to vehicle-free a little more slowly, ride sharing is a great place to start. This option connects you to other people in your area and allows you to take turns carpooling to and from work or other areas. By ride sharing you are eliminating one or more vehicle from the daily commute, as well as splitting gas with one or more people instead of footing the bill yourself.

Going vehicle-free is one big step towards making the air a little cleaner. If you are dedicated to sustainability, this is a step that you will likely find satisfying. Even going partially vehicle-free is a step in the right direction. Research the options available to you in your area and start making new commuting plans today!

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited offers the best auto repair Columbia MO has to offer, where their expert staff can get your car back on the road in no time.

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