How To Take Care Of Your Skin?


We take care of our teeth, hair and overall body, but we think very little about taking care of our skin. Most of us do not even understand the meaning of skin care. Only bathing and clean body with soap will not provide you a healthy glowing skin. You have to put a lot of effort and several other activities to make your skin look younger than your age. It is the key to keep your age stagnant. Only if you want to look younger than usual, then skin care is the way ahead. There are several methods have been published in the public domain but we have discussed a few in the following paragraphs that will give you a fair idea.

Protect Skin From Sun

The most important and critical part is to prevent any kind of damage of your skin from Sun. The very dangerous ultraviolet ray can give you a hell lot of dangerous skin disease including skin cancer. Direct Sun exposure is something everyone should avoid as much as possible. It will make your skin dull and you will get wrinkles at an early age. Apart from these you may also get spots on your skin that makes you look older. Now the million dollar question is how you will protect yourself from the sun. The answer is very simple. Use good quality sunscreen lotion on your skin half an hour before you come out of your room. The SPF of the sunscreen should at least 20. If you are outdoors for hours then you should apply sunscreen in every couple of hours on all the exposed skin. Try and avoid direct sunlight and look for shades or use umbrella, sunglass etc. Try to stay at indoors between 10 am to 4.30 pm because in this duration sun scorches you at harder. Nowadays you will also find clothing that is designed specifically to guard UV rays. Hence, try to use that kind of clothes.

Other Ways To Skin Care

Smoking is very dangerous for your health and it can damage your skin the most. It not only causes cancer, but also makes you look very aged. It prevents blood movement in the body. Hence the less amount of oxygen reaches every part of your body. The nutrients of your skin will also not reach often. This causes severe damage to your skin. You should also take care of your food habit. Eat a lot of fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water. Wash your skin in daily basis, but gently.

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