How to Smarten Up Your Life with a Smartphone

Smartphones today represent the pinnacle of technological advances. They made their debut appearance around 2007 and quickly became every businessman’s secret pleasure. However it took several years before they were customised to suit the general public. Now, they are so ahead of their time that many of us don’t even know about half of their available functions. Regardless, their never-ending features and applications have enhanced our lives more dramatically than most other technologies. Learn here about the different smartphones available and their stand-out functions.

How to Smarten Up Your Life with a Smartphone

The size of your Smartphone Matters

Possibly the most important aspect of your phone is its size. When smartphones first hit the market the general trend was the smaller the better. These days this has changed, and screens are once again getting bigger. The latest Galaxy Note is a great example of this, which appears closer in size to the mini iPad than it does any of its competitor smartphones, bringing about the term ‘phablet’. Size matters because on one hand, you want your smartphone to fit comfortably in your hand, but on the other you want it to be large enough to write on, watch videos on, check emails on, etc. Currently, the smallest smart phoneis the 3 inch Blackberry Q10, and the largest is the 6.3 inch Samsung Galaxy Mega and the most powerful is the upcoming samsung galaxy s7.

Another key aspect is screen resolution. You want your screen to be crisp, clear and colourful, as this will allow you to really enjoy what you are looking at. As a benchmark, anything above 300 ppi will do the job, and the latest models such as the Galaxy S4 will go as high as 469 ppi.

Operating system is no less important. In fact, it will dictate many of the other capabilities of your smartphone. Most people will choose their preferred operating system based on convenience and appearance; however you should also take into consideration price, customer support and compatibility with other devices you are already using. Android and iOS are the clear winners in this respect.

Other vital aspects to look out for include camera, audio clarity, radio, GPS, second screen functionality and gaming. Much of this will come built-in with your phone, yet the games can be accessed easily via  from practically any device.

If you are still lugging around the old flip phone, you can upgrade to a smartphone today for little to money at all; your phone company most likely has a plan just for this, so don’t wait any longer!

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