How To Secure Your RV Against Theft, Water and Fire

30 seconds or less. That’s all the time it takes a thief to break into your vehicle undetected. If you’re on the lookout for one of the used motor homes for sale, bear this in mind and look for RVs with secure locking mechanisms. Otherwise, your valuables might be in jeopardy. You might have cash lying around the motor home along with your watches and jewelry. You could be carrying important documents with you if it’s an extended trip. None of those is safe until you’re absolutely certain about the security measures. However, before you do that, you need to understand how exactly you intend to protect your RV. Apart from the obvious risk of theft, you should check for fire safety and protection against water damage.


Theft Protection

If you intend to protect small valuables, you might not need an actual RV safe. There are better ways to hide your treasures so that a thief might search for hours and still cannot find anything. Similar to an actual home, RVs have numerous nooks, cabinets, and compartments, which you can put to good use. Some of the ideal methods to keep your valuables hidden are as follows:

  • RV Safe:Traditional RV safes are so small that you can easily keep them inside almost all the closets in your motor home. However, RV safes are ineffective against fire and water.
  • Hollow Book Safe:This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, and the reason why it is still popular is because it works. Nobody will suspect you of hiding any of your valuables inside a book. Take your pick from the many varieties available in the market.
  • Hairbrush:Stash valuables within your hairbrush and keep a thief guessing. The hairbrush stash is a regular brush that comes with an open compartment. You can keep small yet precious objects in this space.
  • Candle with Compartment:Nobody will ever suspect a common accessory like a candle to be the hiding spot for valuables. These candles come with a storage compartment, which you can easily access via the bottom.
  • Water Bottle:Nobody will ever steal a bottle of water and that is exactly why it is such an effective hiding spot. Pull the label slightly and make sure the bottle is half empty. Stick your cash in the gap and then reattach lightly. You won’t even notice the difference.

Safety against Fire and Water

Fire and water are just as big a concern as theft. They pose a very different kind of threat and so require other forms of protection. Apart from installing fire alarms and being careful in general, unexpected accidents and severe weather may occur. Protecting your valuables and important documents against such a tragedy is well within your reach using a water and fireproof RV safe.

  • RV File Safe:The space within an RV is limited, and so most RV-ers pick a safe that has been designed like a file cabinet. These safes are resistant to fire and water, and are lightweight as well.
  • Briefcase Style RV Safe:If you require mobility, you might pick one of the smaller sized briefcase-style safes. These are perfect for water and fire safety, but a thief can easily carry these away. ¬†However, they are a good place to start if you’re new to the RV safe game since they cost very little.

If you’re a new buyer in the RV sector, you should pay attention to the safety installations in the vehicle. The better they are, the more protected your valuables will be in the long-run. If you prefer to go with used motor homes for sale, make sure that they have proper locking mechanisms¬†in place. This will provide you with peace of mind when you’re out, and you know you need that when RV-ing.

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