How To Save Energy By Utilizing Day Lighting In Your Home

It is always surprising to see how dark the homes of my friends and family seem to be when visiting. The vampire craze may have come and gone, but living like a creature of the night appears to be in full force for many of us. There has been a recent shift in consumer awareness with talk of green technology and energy star appliances.

Somehow most overlook an easy way to save energy and money at home with day lighting. Not to worry, anyone looking to let in a little sunlight will see the benefits on their next utility bill. Some of the more elaborate day lighting systems discussed won’t be available to those living places where alterations to the building are allowed. However, we all have the ability to reduce our energy consumption and put more money back in our pockets through day lighting.

ave Energy By Utilizing Day Lighting In Your Home


The easiest way to reduce the amount of energy consumed in your home is to avoid drawing your curtains during daylight hours. With this simple change, you can save money by reducing the amount of artificial electric light used.

In addition to this, having your windows near a light colored wall is another way to improve the natural light in your home. Keeping the curtains open on south facing windows during the day is also an effective way to heat your home in the winter.

Natural Light

If you have the freedom to make additions, there are more advanced options to improve the day lighting in your home. The more traditional of these options include installing a skylight, light shelves or light reflectors. Light shelves and reflectors can be an effective way to brighten rooms that don’t receive direct sunlight due to their position in your home.

Some are also adjustable and when in the down position, effectively eliminates unwanted outdoor light during evening hours. This is an added benefit to those who find it easier to sleep in a dark room but live in or near bright city lights. Adding a skylight is also a great way to add sunlight to a room which would otherwise not be able to. Due to their surface area they also allow a substantial amount of heat to any room in the winter.

However, this is a more permanent solution and if you’re willing to add a skylight you might find a more complete day lighting system appealing.

Tubular Day Lighting

Installing a complete day lighting system through light tubes is becoming a more popular alternative option among homeowners. There are a wide range of options when installing a tubular day lighting device that you’ll need to discuss with your preferred technician. The most common system begins with a light capturing dome lens that rests on your roof.

The more advanced options only redirect low angle sunlight into the tubes while rejecting the more powerful midday sunlight. After the light has been captured it’s sent down tubing that is lined with an ultra-reflective interior.

These tubes are installed discreetly throughout your home and extend to lengths of over 30 feet allowing you to reach lower floors. This means you can even introduce natural lighting to that dark basement! Finally the light is delivered through a variety of stylish fixtures to choose from which resemble recessed lighting. Those concerned about unwanted heat during summer months due to the additional sunlight need not to worry.

The small surface area of the domes relative to a skylight means less solar heat transfer and little effect on the temperature in your home. In addition to these features, you can also opt for additions such as ventilation, dimmer functions, and nighttime lighting options.

Today’s guest post was contributed by Brian Levesque, professional writer at Bob Heinmiller Solar in Orlando, Florida. You can visit Brian on Google+.

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